Sagefrog Named Top Marketing & Advertising Firm in Philadelphia by Clutch

Clutch Recognizes Sagefrog with a 5-Star Rating among Agencies in the Philadelphia Area Doylestown, PA – April 15, 2019 – Sagefrog Marketing Group (Sagefrog), a top ranked B2B marketing agencies with specialties in healthcare, technology, industrial and business services, has been named a Top Marketing and Advertising Firm in Philadelphia by Clutch, a market research,… Read more

3 Classic Dale Carnegie Lessons for Modern Sales Teams

Before Dale Carnegie became an immortal figure in the world of business with his books, lectures and courses on human relationships, communication and public speaking, he was a successful salesperson. He went from selling correspondence courses to selling bacon, soap and lard for Armour & Company so successfully that his sales territory of South Omaha,… Read more

Page Not Found?! What You Need to Know About Website Status Codes

We’ve all been there. You type a website URL into your address bar and land on a page that says “404 Page Not Found.” You know how frustrating this can be, but what you might not know is how Google feels about this website status code and others—and beyond that, what you can do to… Read more

People receive emails around the clock, so making sure yours stand out is highly important. That’s why it’s important to choose a subject line that accurately represents your email’s content and that won’t end up ignored or sent to the spam folder. Subject lines can either start or continue a marketing conversation. For B2B companies… Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of B2B Emails in 2019

Fact: 33% of B2B marketers put email among their top sources for marketing and sales leads in 2018.1 So, why is it so hard to send good email? As B2B customers start to shop more like B2C consumers, marketing managers must change their approach to email marketing to meet the new needs of customers. These… Read more

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