5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing is based on the inbound methodology which posits that leads will find your business through relevant, informative content. This marketing method has gained momentum over the years in both the B2C and B2B industries. However, many marketers still struggle to see results because they fail to boost their content marketing campaigns using other… Read more

The Magic Formula for Increasing Landing Page Conversions

If you’re an in-house marketing executive strapped for time and tasked with increasing marketing qualified leads (MQLs), it’s important that the marketing programs you initiate actually deliver the goods. Two of the most popular lead-generation channels today include digital and content marketing – where performance is highly contingent on the accompanying landing pages. A landing… Read more

The HubSpot State of Inbound 2017 Executive Summary

It’s finally here! HubSpot’s much-anticipated State of Inbound 2017 is now available to the public and it echoes the sentiments of the B2C and B2B inbound communities through data on top marketing and sales trends and challenges. With responses from more than 6,000 industry professionals, the State of Inbound report demonstrates that more and more… Read more

The Mobile-First Mindset: Mobile’s Function in the B2B Industry

B2C companies have always been quick to experiment with the latest advertising trends and therefore make up the largest group of businesses participating in the mobile-first revolution. Big B2C players put a great deal of effort toward optimizing their websites and ads for mobile, expanding their mobile social reach and adapting their products for mobile… Read more

Tips for Creating Outstanding Content Marketing Offers

A truly effective content marketing campaign involves copywriting, creative design, digital promotion and sometimes other outbound elements like email marketing. But as you develop a strategy that makes use of all these components, you need to decide what content offers will guide leads through the stages of their Buyer’s Journey. Below are some quick tips… Read more

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