Q&A: Inbound Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

Is your digital marketing strategy up to date? You’ll know it’s fit for modern audiences when it includes a mix of traditional outbound marketing and new inbound marketing efforts. If you need a refresher on the basic differences between inbound and outbound marketing, read over these reminders and start incorporating these simple inbound digital tactics… Read more

How Content Marketing Shapes Your Brand Personality

There’s more to content marketing than meets the eye. Content marketing is a very popular inbound methodology that attracts and nurtures qualified leads through valuable content and there are several reasons why B2B companies in particular should invest in this dynamic method. Beyond lead generation and nurturing however, creating targeted blogs and other content assets… Read more

Sagefrog Recommends: 5 Technology Blogs You Shouldn’t Overlook

As marketers, we know how to adapt our strategies to fit the needs of modern customers. But as marketers of B2B technology and software, we know that adapting is not nearly enough; you need to take the lead in the marketplace. Of course this is easier said than done, but most pioneers of B2B technology… Read more

How to Execute Killer Lead Nurturing

In our discussions on the basics of content marketing, we talked about how this inbound tactic can be used to generate leads and why B2B companies in particular should jump on the content marketing bandwagon. But something that stumps budding marketers is how content marketing can also be used to nurture newly acquired contacts. The… Read more

What to Expect in Your First 30 Days with Sagefrog

You’ve realized all the ways an integrated marketing agency can improve your in-house efforts and now you’ve done the due diligence to evaluate all your options. If your must-have criteria included B2B industry knowledge, broad marketing capabilities, demonstrated results and reliable processes, then it’s likely that Sagefrog has made your short list. You’re on the… Read more

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