Sagefrog Marketing Group Celebrates 15 Years of B2B Marketing Success and Growth

Doylestown, PA – April 3, 2017 – Sagefrog Marketing Group (Sagefrog), a top ranked B2B marketing agency with specialties in healthcare, technology and business services, is celebrating 15 years in business this month and all year long. Founded in 2002 as a two-person enterprise, the Company has grown to a full-service marketing agency of 20… Read more

In-House Advertising vs. Agency: Why Agencies Do It Better

There’s much debate on whether it’s optimal to perform marketing in-house or outsource to an agency. For many mid-sized B2B companies, including those in the healthcare sector, it’s often thought that an agency won’t have the subject-matter expertise to carry out effective marketing. On the contrary, there are many marketing agencies that possess niche expertise… Read more

How to Strategically Brand Your B2B Blog [Infographic]

Guest post by Who Is Hosting This The recently popularized adage “content is king” rings true in today’s modern marketing landscape. Quality blog content has the ability to organically build a band of loyal followers through word-of-mouth and digital marketing benefits. But what’s the secret for taking your blog from good to great? Undoubtedly, it’s branding… Read more

Case Study: How This EHR Provider Increased Leads by 728% with Inbound Marketing

At Sagefrog, your success is our passion and the best way to showcase that is through case studies: evidence-based content that features hard metrics and data in black and white. It defines the difference between success and failure – and when the metrics report a nearly 800% increase in leads in just one year, it’s… Read more

Paid Search Advertising: Why You Should Invest & How to Get Started

If your B2B company doesn’t already make use of it, paid search advertising can seem like an intimidating investment. But the technology of today has made paid search a simple and highly optimized tool to add to your repertoire of search engine marketing (SEM) tactics. Use this blog as a brief guide on the measurable… Read more

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