Why Content Marketing is Important

Nearly everyone uses the internet. And the majority of users are searching primarily on Google. But since the internet can be filled with junk, Google is constantly trying to give users a better experience. When users search, Google wants the results to include highly relevant, high-quality sites. Therefore, Google targets webspam – sites with poor… Read more

Less is More in Marketing

We’ve all heard of the “less is more” concept. It turns out marketers should pay attention to these words of wisdom. In a world filled with information bombarding people all around, it’s important to keep your target audience in mind — and what do they want? A larger quantity of instant information? Or simpler, easier… Read more

If your business is like most, you probably have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a LinkedIn page, a YouTube channel and a blog. And you also may wonder how is the time and effort I put into managing these accounts paying off? It’s a question many businesses are constantly asking. According to Social Media… Read more

Social Media Tips for Job Seekers

After the recent news of prospective employers asking for job candidate’s Facebook passwords,  it makes sense that those searching for a job may be a little concerned about what their social media profiles say about them. But according to an article called “Social Media Secrets from Hiring Managers,” by David Mielach, a BusinessNewsDaily staff writer,… Read more

Is Social Media Marketing a “Bust” for Your Company?

The term “social media marketing” isn’t new. But many small and medium-sized businesses aren’t entirely sure how to effectively take advantage of social media marketing (SMM). And success story after success story proves that some companies are doing it right. However, according to an article by Chris Horton in “Business 2 Community,” the sad truth… Read more

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