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The Mobile-First Mindset: Mobile’s Function in the B2B Industry

By: Alyssa Dannaker

B2C companies have always been quick to experiment with the latest advertising trends and therefore make up the largest group of businesses participating in the mobile-first revolution. Big B2C players put a great deal of effort toward optimizing their websites and ads for mobile, expanding their mobile social reach and adapting their products for mobile use. Although proven to be highly effective, it’s surprising that some B2B companies have yet to adopt a mobile-first focus and benefit from mobile’s ability to fuel the sales pipeline and improve customer experience.

For B2B healthcare and technology companies especially, overlooking modern mobile tactics leads to two major missed opportunities:

  1. Connecting with new leads online
  2. Making products and services more accessible

If your buyer personas are tech-savvy, made up of c-level executives and other key stakeholders, it makes sense to meet them on their smartphones and tablets. So how can your B2B company step up and adopt a mobile-first mindset? Considering the marketing strategies below is a good way to join the movement.

Mobile in Content Marketing

Implement a new best practice: craft content marketing campaigns through the eyes of a mobile user by creating responsive landing pages that are light on copy and feature content offers that can be easily downloaded and viewed. Landing pages and campaign blogs should include responsive call-to-action (CTA) buttons, linked to offers delivered in convenient formats such as PDFs. Naturally, copy-heavy offers like eBooks or whitepapers can take on easy-to-view portrait layouts and include interactive pages for quick flip throughs by readers. If your campaign is also promoted via email marketing tactics, making landing pages and offers mobile-optimized is necessary, as many B2B prospects open emails on their smartphones both inside and outside of the office.

Mobile on Social Media

LinkedIn, a top social resource for the B2B community, revealed this year that 60% of its site traffic originates from mobile devices.1 A large chunk of social media users access social platforms via mobile devices, so keep mobile in mind when developing your social media and paid ad strategies. Stay active on your company’s accounts by sharing content and encouraging your high-level team members to maintain an online presence, especially on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Ensure all of your company posts include images that are properly sized for the mobile versions of channels like Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to take advantage of social paid promotion by broadcasting your best content and targeting ads to the right audiences.

Tip: Explore LinkedIn’s new Account Targeting feature to run successful ads that drive more qualified leads.

Mobile Products and Services

A poor mobile website experience puts your company at risk for a decrease in organic search engine rankings and traffic and an increase in frustration levels for current customers and leads. You’re probably aware of the benefits of mobile site optimization and user experience, but smart B2B companies should also be thinking about how their offerings can be adapted to better suit the mobile needs of clients and end-users. Would customers benefit from a mobile version of your product or a supplemental mobile app? Big B2B players in the health and biotech industries have begun to embrace mobile for electronic health records (EHR) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to aid in clinical trials and other regulated ventures. Consider holding a focus group or conduct market research to find out if mobile is right for your product or service.

Is mobile factored into your content marketing plan? If you need help with developing and launching your first content marketing campaign, check out our helpful checklist: Content Marketing Campaign Planning & Execution.

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1. Fortune, LinkedIn’s Long Promised Facelift Is Here