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Long Live E-mail Marketing!

By: Sagefrog

For quite some time, there have been proclamations of e-mail marketing becoming a dying practice. Do not believe these rumors as e-mail marketing is just as important as it has ever been and, though it may be changing, is certainly nowhere near extinct. Despite the rise in social media and its many uses, a large portion of any marketing specialists’ day is still dedicated to sending and reading e-mails. Just like any other marketing strategy, reaching your clients or any future prospects to build credibility and a respectable professional relationship is crucial and can be accomplished through a well-executed e-mail campaign.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to ensure that your e-mail marketing strategy will be effective:

  1. Personalize It!Your first goal should be getting the recipient to open the e-mail.  Most people skim right over e-mails from “customerservice@” or “info@”.
    • When sending an e-mail to a client or prospect, use a personal e-mail address!
    • Keep the text plain and do not use graphics or any other “eye grabbing” icons.  Although the graphic or picture you have chosen may be lovely, to a busy e-mail reader, it will look like a generic bulk e-mail that they may close it without reading.
  2. Subject Line; Keep it Short & Sweet
    • Keep the subject short and to the point.
    • Do not capitalize all of the letters. (This may give the impression that you are yelling or are desperate.)
    • If applicable, use attractive words such as “free” or “promotion” in the subject.
    • Make sure the subject line is actually relevant to the e-mail content.
  3. Ultimately, you want your audience to know the purpose of the e-mail and what action they should take now that they have read it.
    • The content must fulfill whatever was summarized in the subject line in order to build trust with the recipient.
    • Distinguish personal e-mails from team e-mails by making sure that personal e-mails have plain text and are easy to read, while team e-mails may use templates or company graphics.
    • Always provide a simple and clear call to action! This could be in the form of a button that says to “register here” or “sign up for our life changing Webinar.”  Note that you should avoid using the word “submit.”

While social media and content marketing is booming, you shouldn’t discard and discredit importance of email marketing. Your client will ultimately be more receptive to a personalized e-mail that either offers them a solution to a problem or informs them of potential business opportunities.  Follow these marketing tips when building your next e-mail campaign and stay up to do date on the ever alive and well marketing tactic that is e-mail marketing!

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