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Lead Generation through B2B Blogging: 7 Tips to Blog Success!

By: Sagefrog

Did you know that 78% of companies that blog on a daily basis have acquired customers from it? However, blogging every day of the week can be challenging. Struggling on how to generate blog topics? Sagefrog has got you covered.

How to Generate Blog Topics

1. Know why you are blogging.

Are you blogging to generate leads, provide content for existing customers, gain recognition as a thought leader in the industry, or perhaps to get your name out to more people? Knowing the answer to this question is crucial because it will help you pinpoint the topics that are relevant to your market.

2. Find your ideal readers.

Every piece of content on your blog should focus on your ideal readers – what they want, what they need and understanding the biggest challenges that they face. Knowing who these people are and what they want will help you to generate blog topics that will get you noticed.

3. Plan.

In addition to knowing what your readers need, creating an editorial calendar will help you to organize thoughts and plan around different events and trends happening in your industry.

4. Answer Questions.

An easy way to generate topics is to answer common questions that your customers and leads are asking. Talking to team members throughout your organization is a great place to start since they are talking to clients and potential leads daily. Other topics to blog about include success stories, event coverage and commenting on popular trends in your industry.

5. Focus on quality.

Today, buyers have access to more information than they’ve ever had. Anyone looking to buy anything has a plethora of resources to choose from so make sure that your blog reflects just how great your company is. Compel customers to want you.

6. Get noticed.

A great way to generate leads is to participate in the same social networks that your customers use. LinkedIn is a great resource – find potential customers and join the groups they are apart of. Then post the relevant and helpful information that you are blogging about to those groups.

7. Make them take action.

All posts should have a clear Call-To-Action, whether it is sharing a post, leaving a comment or opting in for your premium content. TIP: A smart way to increase your opt-ins is to advertise related premium content on all of your blog posts pages.

Getting a lot of traffic doesn’t automatically equal blogging success. Take notice of how much of that traffic is leading to quality leads. It might be more important to look at how long people are spending on your blog, how many are sharing your content and how many are opting in for your premium content. Understanding who your readers are and what they want is just the first step to generating leads through your blog. Take notice of what posts get the most action and which posts do not. Utilize the information that you have about your readers to make your blog shine.

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