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Digital Checkup: The Landing Pages Your Healthcare Organization Really Needs

By: Alyssa Dannaker

If you work as a marketer in healthcare or life sciences, you know that well-designed digital ads are a necessary component of modern marketing plans. They help companies effectively reach prospective patients and customers while securing online space to beat out competitors. Digital marketers spend a lot of time behind the scenes developing the right list of keywords to bid on and the right messages to capture leads, but it’s equally important that after clicking an ad, online users are taken to the right landing page—one that delivers on what’s advertised and features content that fits their needs.

Every incorrect or subpar landing page you create means a missed opportunity to connect with valuable leads.

So, what does an exemplary landing page look like and how can it directly impact a healthcare organization’s success? Let’s review the basic features of effective landing pages and discuss how they apply differently to the healthcare and life sciences industries. Then give each of your own landing pages a checkup to ensure they’re prepped and primed for the attention they deserve.

Key Features of a Winning Landing Page

View your landing page from a practical perspective: for landing pages linked to digital ad campaigns especially, your team pays real money each time users click through and land on your page. To make the most of every opportunity to facilitate conversions, you need to ensure your landing pages are designed for exceptional user experience.

Elements All Landing Pages Should Have

  1. Clean, on-brand visual elements (colors, typography, imagery and graphic elements)
  2. Absent or simplified top navigation to encourage visitors to stay on the page
  3. Limited amount of lead generation form fields for quick and easy submissions
  4. Clear and simple calls-to-action (CTAs) that match the ad and the page’s intent

Keep in mind the universal landing page best practices, but know that there are also differences in the way pages are formatted relative to their specific marketing goal or function in the buyer’s journey. Digital marketing landing pages used for PPC campaigns and other fast-track decision stage tactics aim to connect the sales team or eCommerce shop directly to online leads. Because of this, landing pages should serve as a brief “tell-all” for the brand, providing a basic company description, listing products and services and sharing accolades and other indicators that convince a user to convert. CTAs for these pages typically tout free consultations, product or service samples and other opportunities that consumers would see as high-risk.

PPC Landing Page Tips

  • Include the organization logo, contact information and lead generation form above the fold
  • Write a page headline that speaks directly to a target audience’s needs and pain points
  • Provide a brief company description and overview of your relevant products and services
  • Incorporate multiple sections that would be useful to those unfamiliar with your brand, such as:
    • Relevant products, services and specialties
    • Office locations and service areas
    • Top accolades of your company and staff
    • Links to case studies and testimonials
  • See an AdWords landing page example for reference

Content marketing landing pages capture leads in a very different way. Landing pages serving awareness and consideration stage leads should avoid pushing the brand and instead simply share relevant information or tools to make an initial connection. For this reason, content marketing pages are simplified, stripped down to only the essential information about the content offer itself in an effort to obtain the lead’s contact information for a more personal interaction later on in the sales cycle.

Content Marketing Landing Page Tips

  • Ensure the title of the content offer is consistent in the ad, landing page and offer itself
  • Describe the type, format and purpose of the offer and why the lead needs it
  • Bullet out specific benefits of downloading and using the content offer
  • Keep copy on the page minimal to avoid overwhelming users or distracting from the CTA
  • See a content marketing landing page for reference

Creating Successful Healthcare & Life Sciences Landing Pages

The landing page tips above apply to pages developed for use in many different industries, but there are extra elements to consider when creating pages for healthcare and life sciences industries. Here’s what to keep in mind to make landing page experiences better for your leads:

  • Users often seek unbiased information about healthcare products and services, so get ahead of the curve by anticipating the questions they’d have about your offerings, the disease states you serve and the areas in which you specialize. Answer these questions in a PPC landing page or tease the answers on a content marketing landing page.
  • Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes by presenting them with information that isn’t common knowledge or is difficult to understand. How can you explain a complex healthcare software solution in simple terms? What information are leads seeking? What do they need to succeed in their role?
    • Ex: An EHR company creates an Ads landing page for their software thought to be expensive and complex by target audiences investigating their options. The company’s page surprises visitors with a few things they probably aren’t aware of: That the software is easy to implement and is backed by end-to-end support. The page also features a video that educates visitors on how the interface works.
    • Ex: An ENT provider debunks popular health myths with the facts on a content marketing page for their new eBook on ENT basics for the elderly. They address two pieces of misinformation that their target audience often encounters in their search by sharing data, reporting new study insights and answering common questions in layman’s terms on their page and in their eBook.
  • Consider the user experience on your landing pages. To keep visitors on your landing page longer and encourage more conversions, it’s important to pay mind to the user experience of the page design and development. This includes items such as the page’s loading speed as well as the amount of scrolling and reading it takes for a visitor to obtain pertinent information before taking your desired action.
  • Don’t forget about mobile. A short and sweet content marketing landing page will look best on mobile, so don’t weigh down the copy with extra information. PPC landing pages tend to provide more detail about a specific product or service and the company itself, so these will stay long, but they still need to look great and function well for mobile users.
  • Put equal effort into your thank-you landing pages so you don’t miss the chance to connect further with those who’ve shown interest in you by completing a form. Many healthcare organizations forget about this important element in landing page workflows, leaving prospective patients hanging and unsure of what to do next. Use thank-you pages to inform users of their immediate next steps. When and how will they be contacted? How will they receive content assets? Where can they seek more information about your company, your process or a disease state? Provide links to helpful resources housed on your website.

Did your landing page checkup go well? Do your best to shape your pages around the tips above, remembering that landing pages are tools in the marketing toolbox that you’ll need to revisit and refine if you want to improve upon their effectiveness. A/B testing is an easy way to experiment to see what works, which is something your marketing agency can help you with.

Does your marketing plan need a checkup too? Take our 10-question Marketing Checkup Quiz to measure the performance of your marketing against best practices and recommendations from the experts. You can use this simple quiz to set actionable goals and get more from your budget every year.


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