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It’s Official – Hubspot’s New Add-Ons are “Viral-Worthy”

By: Andrea Panno

Each year at Hubspot’s Annual Conference, the inbound marketing pioneer breathes new life into the marketing and sales industry, by debuting new products and features – and this year was no exception.

As Hubspot unveiled its three new key features, including The Reporting Add On, The Ads Add On and The Predictive Lead Scoring Add On, attendees took to social media to inform the rest of the world about the exciting new frills – and to evoke jealousy from friends and colleagues who were unable to attend Inbound15, #winning.

Learn how these three new Add-Ons will improve the inbound and outbound marketing world, as we know it.hubspot inbound 2015

IB picture s

The Reporting Add On

Putting a stop to the “he said, she said” of the marketing and sales departments, The Reporting Add On, allows users to simply create custom reports, housed on one collective dashboard. For those who aren’t sure where to begin, the feature provides a set of reports automatically created for you to start with.

  • Closed-loop reporting between sales and marketing departments
  • Pre-built report templates and customizable report builder
  • Single dashboard for key metrics in all stages of your sales funnel

IB image anum

hubspot inbound 2015 add ons

hubspot dashboardThe Ads Add On

Notorious for its “inbound marketing > outbound marketing,” stance, Hubspot has now expanded to an all-inclusive approach offering The Ads Add On. This feature supports the creation, measurement and leverage of online advertising for inbound marketing campaigns, and allows you to create search and social ad campaigns right inside the platform, providing a closed-loop view of advertising ROI.

  • Paid Search Ads – technically answer a user’s search query and solve their question making the tactic conducive to inbound marketing
  • Promoted Content – is another stream of content which is critical to inbound marketing and helps users find what they are looking for

hubspot launches ads add on

IB inboundy

Ads add on setup screen

The Predictive Lead Scoring Add On

Marketers can generate hundreds of leads through their campaigns and lead nurturing, but how do sales reps know which leads to pursue? Hubspot’s new Predictive Lead Scoring Add On provides a “lead score” based on behavior, demographic, social, email, company, and spam detection data.

  • Predicts behavior of a lead and how likely they are to become a customer
  • Sales can focus on prioritizing their leads and using their time efficiently
  • Marketing can generate high quality leads

lead scoring hubspot inbound tweet

predictive lead scoring hubspot

predictive lead scoring findings

Visit to learn more about these three key features, and other new functions such as Hubspot’s Website Platform, Hubspot Connect and Sidekick for Business and Hubspot CRM Updates!

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