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Is HubSpot Worth It? [Benefits for Job Roles]

By: Andrea Panno

Choosing to work with HubSpot and a HubSpot agency is a big investment. Before your company commits to working with the platform, you’ll want to feel confident about its benefits. Here at Sagefrog, we’re a Platinum HubSpot Agency Partner—many of our clients use HubSpot and we use it for our own marketing. We asked team members from different departments at Sagefrog, spanning digital, web development, sales, account management and so forth, how HubSpot makes their job, and our business, run more efficiently.

HubSpot provides proven benefits for:

1. Marketing Coordinators

First, we spoke to our Marketing Specialist, Natalie, who handles Sagefrog’s own marketing initiatives, structuring our content campaigns which include coordinating and scheduling marketing emails, creating ideas for landing pages and publishing social media—all of which call for her to use HubSpot.

“HubSpot makes Sagefrog’s marketing program run more efficiently for a number of reasons: it allows us to make lead-nurturing workflows to funnel prospects through the buyer’s journey; it gives us a platform to make targeted lists based on specific interests’ prospects have demonstrated; its personalization features let us see a contacts’ history with us; its reporting features help us see where most of our traffic comes from; and finally, HubSpot gives us access to a huge library of tech integrations, so we can connect the work we’re doing in HubSpot with the work we’re doing on other platforms, like Sigstr.”

2. Digital Marketers

Next, we spoke with our Digital Marketing Manager, Matt, who shared how HubSpot benefits his department. “HubSpot allows us to track our leads from all of our digital marketing efforts in one place, allowing for the most accurate attribution model we could have. Since we can easily see where leads are coming from, we can optimize our marketing efforts, putting them towards the methods that work best.”

One important part of tracking leads in HubSpot for our digital team involves the HubSpot lifecycle stages. Lifecycle stages are a way of categorizing contacts in HubSpot so that you can keep track of where that contact is in your sales process. Moving contacts from one lifecycle stage to another also helps us see how contacts move from marketing to sales and what we can do to make sure the contacts move all the way through our buyer’s journey with positive feedback to give us on the other side.”

What is a HubSpot Lead Flow?

HubSpot’s Lead Flows tool gives you the ability create website pop-ups to boost engagement and capture leads and store that lead information in your HubSpot account. Lead Flows is a tool for both conversion rate optimization and lead generation.

3. Web Developers

Our Web Developer, Rachel, had this to say, “HubSpot makes us run more efficiently by allowing us to connect all the materials of a campaign. We know that all the aspects of that campaign look, feel and sound the same because we can view them all in one place. It would take much more time and effort to keep track of campaigns across multiple platforms and programs.”

Rachel plays an important role with our HubSpot email tracking. Email tracking allows us to know how emails are performing with leads, giving us access to information like when our emails are opened and clicked-thru and allows us to send prompt follow-up communications to leads who are already interested, increasing our chance of success. The entire email tracking history is saved within HubSpot so that we can carefully examine what piques leads’ interests.

4. Sales Teams

We also spoke to our Business Development Specialist, Alexa, who is part of the sales team and uses HubSpot to align her department with marketing.

“HubSpot Meetings is a powerful tool for us in business development. We can give a contact the option to schedule a meeting with us right after they read an email or download some content. This makes us run more efficiently as a company because our consultations are being scheduled seamlessly and makes it convenient and pleasant for contacts to schedule time with us.”

5. Account Managers

Finally, we talked to Sam, one of our Account Managers. This role has different needs when it comes to HubSpot. Rather than using the platform for Sagefrog’s own marketing and sales, like Natalie does, or use it to build pages and execute marketing tactics, like Matt and Rachel, an account manager uses HubSpot to take a high-level view of HubSpot to achieve the goals of our clients.

“Clients rely on us to generate as many Marketing Qualified Leads as possible. HubSpot’s marketing automation streamlines the processes of reaching out to our target audience; publishing content; sending emails; and reporting so that nothing stands in the way of generating the MQLs.”

Wrapping Up

It’s clear that our company benefits in numerous ways from using HubSpot. The even more impressive part is that since HubSpot is inbound-focused, it’s only part of what we do here at. It’s a piece of our fully integrated marketing program that extends beyond inbound to include outbound and traditional marketing.

If you’re ready to begin your company’s HubSpot journey, get in touch with us today to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation and learn how your marketing and sales activities can be streamlined and focused like never before.

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