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Integrated Marketing: How Outbound and Inbound Work Together

By: Sagefrog

Although it seems that inbound marketing is the only tactic that is generating any buzz lately – outbound marketing strategies can complement, scale and supplement your inbound efforts. Integrating your marketing tactics is critical to your business success. Using multiple channels and strategies will not only increase the number of people finding your business but will support your sales cycle.

Review how outbound and inbound marketing can work together to get you results:

  • Outbound Marketing Seeds Content
  • Outbound Marketing Amplifies What Is Said About You
  • Outbound Marketing Reaches Your Audience Again
  • Outbound Marketing Grows Your Audience
  • Delight The Audience
  • Help People Find What They Are Looking For

For fully-integrated and optimized outbound and inbound marketing campaigns and all other full-service marketing please visit Sagefrog Marketing Group at or call 215-230-9024.