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How Sagefrog’s Branding Delivers Quick Wins

By: Andrea Panno

Branding is a unique service within marketing because it’s foundational to every other marketing activity you execute. For your marketing tactics to be effective, they must be aligned with your brand, and your brand’s strategy must be buttoned up.

At Sagefrog, branding is almost always our first step when we engage with a new client. Our flagship Brand Strategy product establishes all the visual and verbal elements that make your company look, feel, and sound like a company that others want to do business with. When we strategize on your objectives and decide which tactics we will use to promote your company, the brand we’ve put in place will serve as our guide for copy and creative.

Take a look at the specifics of our branding product and learn how our process will provide quick wins to your company.

We Use Branding to Execute Marketing Tactics Faster

Marketing tactics are used to promote your company’s products or services, and include things like emails, advertisements, blogs, and content offers. When your company needs something new, like a marketing email, our Brand Strategy expedites the process since your brand’s appearance and tone of voice has already been established. This saves you time and dollars.

Need an email? We already know what it looks like before we’ve even decided on the content.

Refresher Course: What is B2B Branding?

B2B branding is the process that takes a company from being known simply for the product or service it offers to being recognized by a unique name. Good branding makes a company look, feel, and sound like a company that others want to do business with. Companies establish brands to give their company, products, and services memorable significance that differentiates them from the competition.

We Use Branding to Keep Your Look and Feel Consistent

Our dedication to visual consistency and excellence in design is part of what sets our branding apart. When we generate your company’s Brand Strategy, our designers are actively involved. With a color palette, typography, new logo, imagery set and sample visual applications, they make your brand come to life.

Because we establish the visual details of your brand early on, we’re always in agreement and settled about how we’ll use imagery and color to get your message across. Prospects see and recognize this consistency as a mark of your company’s professionalism. With us, you’ll never worry that your brand’s colors are off or that your logo is stretched across page. These are the details that your prospects will notice and use to form associations with your brand. That’s how you build brand awareness.

Refresher Course: How to Measure Brand Awareness

Brand awareness means how widely recognized your company is. Brand awareness can be measured based on earned media, external links, blog shares, community reach, social engagements, search volume, and direct traffic to your company’s website. Having a solid Brand Strategy boosts brand awareness by giving your brand recognizable characteristics that are easy for prospects to spot.

We Use Branding to Streamline Your Launch Event

Once we’ve created your company’s Brand Strategy, everything is in place to put your brand out there in the marketplace. A brand launch is an event that we carefully craft and organize to reach all your stakeholders, from employees to industry influencers and media outlets. This is where your company can showcase what it offers as well as its new signature identity. We’re big believers in cultivating brand equity from the moment the details of your new brand are finalized, and that’s exactly what a brand launch does.

Refresher Course: How to Measure Brand Equity

Brand equity is the value that being a recognizable brand delivers to your company. It’s usually measured through metrics like customer knowledge, preference, and financial metrics.

Wrapping Up

Sagefrog’s branding process delivers quick wins because we make sure everything your company does is on-brand from the words we choose to the banners we design. The best approach is one that’s organized and well-prepared but can adapt to changes in the marketplace, and that’s what we offer at Sagefrog. If you’re ready to make your company look, feel, and sound like a company that others want to do business with, schedule a time to talk to us. Our 30-minute consultation will give us the information we need to determine how we can boost your brand to accelerate your success.

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