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How many keywords is too many?

By: Sagefrog

Keywords are still an important part on your website optimization efforts; however, it is important that you avoid keyword stuffing as Google will actually lower your site’s search ranking. So, how many keywords are too many?

Some say that you should shoot for 2% keyword saturation in your web copy or 10 keywords for every 500 words. But we believe that you should focus on using keywords as organically as possible. Google’s new algorithm stresses that by creating quality content, your search engine rankings will improve because you are providing useful and relevant information to your audience. At the same time, it is important to use some keywords so Google will identify your site in a search to begin with.

To help identify helpful keywords, try the Google Keyword Tool. It is a free service that will help you generate keywords and then tells you how competitive each one is. You want to use keywords that get traction and generate results- around 20,000 or more visitors each month – but if you are a newer, less established site, stay away from the keywords that are incredibly popular. For example, if you were a new hair salon in Philadelphia, you most likely will  not rank for “Philadelphia Salon.”

When writing quality web copy remember to:

  • Consider the purpose of your page from your targeted audience’s standpoint. What do you want them to take away?
  • Don’t overstuff!
  • Use some keywords to get the attention of the search engines and then write your content for real people.

Finally, it is important that you periodically check the keywords on your site and change your web copy if it isn’t generating the results that you desire. A stagnant website does not help your customers and it certainly does not help your business.

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