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How an Agency Can Support Your Marketing Strategy in a Crisis

By: Alyssa Dannaker

If you’re a B2B business leader, you’re probably looking for ways to cut expenses while your organization makes some adjustments to operate as smoothly as possible during the pandemic. If you’re a marketing assistant or specialist, you might have experienced some budget cuts or been tasked with focusing only on high-ROI efforts or quick-win tactics for the remainder of 2020.

Embracing conservative cash management during times like this means hiring a new marketing vendor is likely not at the top of the to-do list. But it might actually be a good idea to consider moving it up there in the next few months, especially if your business is one of the many preparing to reopen their doors to the public.

Communication is essential in times of crisis, and having a marketing partner at your side—to navigate the choppy waters of managing customer outreach, overseeing public relations, or marketing your products and services to people who are now hesitant about spending their money—can mean a world of difference to the growth of your business and the sanity of your team throughout the rest of the year.

A marketing agency can help you adjust your 2020 marketing strategy plan and messaging, promote what you have to offer (the right way), and bring you added benefits when your internal team needs them most.

Why You Should Adjust Your Marketing Strategy

Why should businesses adjust their B2B marketing strategies during a crisis in the first place? Because the tactics you had planned for this year might not be as feasible or effective now that current crisis has shaken up the way your business operates and the way your customers and community are behaving. Your current strategy may also lack specific tactics that could really give your brand a boost. And a marketing company can show you the best way to form a fresh marketing approach that positions you well moving forward.

Part of adjusting your marketing strategy is taking a second look at the types of messages you put out and the tone of voice they read with. You’re a consumer too, so I’m sure you’ve seen advertisements online and on TV that seem a little out of place or insensitive considering how much our daily lives have changed. Like those car commercials showing people on their way to big get-togethers as we’re stuck quarantined inside our homes. But did you notice that some car companies have already shifted to show images of people getting cars delivered to their driveways? And that many brands are piecing together remote videos of their team members to show their customers how hard they’re working to serve them through the pandemic?

The lesson here is that it’s easy to tell when marketing messages were clearly written pre-crisis. They stick out like a sore thumb and truly risk turning people off from your brand. So getting support from the professionals is a good way to go. Marketing specialists know what will resonate with your ideal customers and can bring in experienced copywriters, designers, and digital experts to craft messages that consider the times and create authentic connections with leads—and even with your current clients, your employees, and your partners if you could use the help. Keeping them updated about your operations is also vital because they need to know your company has their back no matter the circumstances.

The Benefits of Finding Outsourced Support

So now you know that an agency is well-versed in crisis communication and marketing best practices, which can help you get a leg up in meeting prospects where they are, connecting with clients, and reassuring employees and other stakeholders of your support during a crisis. Introducing an agency’s objective point of view and industry experience means you don’t have to panic and scramble to pull together a temporary, last-minute marketing plan—they’ve got you covered.

But a marketing agency can give its clients much more than this. Here are some of the benefits you can reap with a marketing partner:

  • You get more done beyond the limited time and resources of your internal team
  • You save money by investing in a long-term partner instead of hiring new staff
  • You can leave it up to the experts to refine your brand messaging and visual identity
  • You can be sure that all marketing communications will be cohesive and consistent
  • You obtain reliable advice and insights to avoid potentially costly marketing mistakes
  • You access exclusive platforms, tools, and partners through the agency’s connections
  • You receive work from talented, experienced, and certified marketing professionals

Perhaps the biggest benefit is having access to a much wider range of marketing services. From branding and digital marketing to inbound and traditional strategies, agencies can offer more than what your internal team may have experience with or have time to pursue. Being able to tap into all of the knowledge and abilities of skilled marketers in specialized areas means your team has resources at the ready to explore options fast, find greater ROI, and reach with the people you need to in a professional way.

  • Branding & Strategy: Brand strategy, naming, messaging, product launches, and planning
  • Digital Marketing: Website development, SEO, SEM, PPC, email marketing, and LinkedIn advertising
  • Content & Inbound Marketing: Content marketing, inbound marketing, video marketing, social media, and HubSpot
  • Traditional Marketing: Public relations, direct marketing, virtual event marketing, and graphic design

More Tips on Marketing in a Crisis

Whether your team is fully operational or still scaling down with a continuity plan, it’s smart to form those new SMART goals with a marketing agency’s help. You can get a better idea of how your internal team should change up your marketing in our free guide, Adjusting Your B2B Marketing Strategy in a Crisis. It shares tips on sending the right messages through the right channels during a crisis. Download it today to support your evolving marketing strategy.

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