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Heat Up Your Digital Marketing Tactics This Summer!

By: Andrea Panno

marketing tactics for summer

After celebrating Memorial Day this past weekend, it’s truly starting to feel like summer. It may be vacation season, but your digital marketing shouldn’t be taking any time off!

Here are some hot tips to help your digital marketing make a big splash this summer:

Website Optimization

With everyone out and about during the summer, it’s important to make sure your company’s website is responsive and can be seen on any and all devices. People are starting to spend time away from home and keeping customers up-to-date on their mobile devices and tablets is extremely important. Mobile is the best way to make contact with your customers even when they are not in the area.

Increase Social Media Presence

As the temperature rises, so do people’s spirits. Social media can help create the off-the-cuff conversation that your customers are looking for this time of year. If your business is not currently using social media, start small with just one platform that your customers and industry leaders engage with most often. If your company already is using social media, then venture into new territory with a platform you never thought of using like Instagram.

Content – Think of it as Summer Reading

Nothing beats a good book on the beach, right? Generate eBooks, newsletters, blogs, and social media posts for people to frequently read and engage with over the summer. Try to avoid posting the same information.  New content keeps your page looking fresh and keeps your followers interested.   The most important part of creating content is to keep your messages relevant and helpful to your customers!

Visuals are Key

No matter how hot it gets this summer, people will always love pictures. For example on Twitter, tweets with images received 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets (source). Add visuals to your social media and blog posts to make an even bigger splash this summer.

Email Blasts

Email is equally as important as mobile website optimization and social media. People are constantly checking their messages while they’re on-the-go, so your email campaigns will not go unnoticed. Integrate your email marketing campaigns with any other marketing campaigns you have going on to get a maximum impact. For example, if you are running a time-sensitive deal, then send out a reminder email to your customers. Just be sure to reevaluate the optimal time to send out your emails – not everyone is working 9am-5pm daily!

Create a Calendar & Plan Ahead

Summer can get hectic, especially with people in and out of the office for vacations and holidays. It’s important to plan and create your calendar ahead of time to account for all potential conflicts – you can always make changes if need be. Organize and plan out your business tasks and potential online engagements ahead of time to help relieve some stress.

Holiday Sales

Summer sales are a great way to reel in more customers and keep current customers coming back for more! With Memorial Day, Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day all falling within a three-month span, your opportunities for sales are endless. Creating campaigns that encourage people to interact with your brand online ultimately lead to more sales and more engagement with you in the future.

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