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Healthcare Marketing: Partnering with Sagefrog’s Specialists

By: Andrea Panno

Are you weighing your options of hiring a healthcare marketing agency or hiring more in-house marketers? If we had to guess, one of your top concerns about working with an agency is its ability to really know your industry and the key players, influencers and nuances that will make your marketing strategy successful.

The good news? Your concern is valid. The rebuttal? There are marketing agencies that specialize in your industry that will provide you with more than just a marketing team. They will grant you access to a world of competitive insight, proven tactics, best practices and certified experts. Take Sagefrog for example. We’re a team of specialists that execute marketing for B2B healthcare companies – but what exactly makes us specialists?

Only a specialized marketing agency can provide the level of service, the direct experience and the niche expertise that B2B companies look for in a marketing partner.

1. We’ve worked in-house for healthcare companies like yours.

This means we understand your industry and your job – including who you answer to, what metrics your boss wants to see and most importantly, what it takes to reach the right people and generate leads. Of course, healthcare is an extremely broad term, encompassing healthcare equipment and technology companies, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, research and manufacturing, as well as B2C healthcare organizations like hospitals and medical practices.

At Sagefrog, our people have experience in both B2B and B2C healthcare organizations. We know that marketing your B2B healthcare company to another business (maybe even another healthcare company for that matter) is entirely different than marketing to patients and consumers. With years of experience and a sole focus on perfecting this formula, we know what works for each.

2. We’re active members of Greater Philadelphia’s healthcare community.

Looking beyond our client roster which includes some of Greater Philadelphia’s leading healthcare companies, we’re highly connected with the region’s healthcare community. Our team regularly attends healthcare conferences and tradeshows such as DIA, an annual life sciences event that discusses healthcare product development, big data and eHealth, patient engagement and even disruptive technology. We also consistently stay educated via leading healthcare forums such as Kaiser Health News and Health Affairs Blog. It’s these initiatives that enable us to develop marketing programs and communications that speak your language, look the part and reach the right players.

We published an eBook on the Top Tactics for Marketing to Healthcare and Pharma Companies in 2017. The eBook offers expert healthcare marketing advice on topics like creating a brand strategy to help penetrate the marketplace, working with stringent healthcare regulations in digital marketing and attending healthcare conferences to gain new leads.

3. We’re spoken for by top healthcare companies.

We can go on about our healthcare marketing experience, but rather than hearing it from us, take a look at what our clients have to say. Below is a sampling of quotes from our clients, ranging from pharmaceutical service providers and electronic health record (EHR) vendors to life-science distributors. Hear what they have to say about experiencing the power of an integrated healthcare marketing agency.

  • “We did a large campaign last fall about our thought leadership in Alzheimer’s disease, which is an important service area for us. That included a lot of email marketing, social media, and print content. We generated 3,000 direct qualified leads through that campaign, which exceeded our performance on prior campaigns by 10-times.– Adam Butler of Bracket Global, a technology and service provider that supports pharmaceutical companies
  • Within the first five or six months, we saw an increase in our website traffic by 164%. The landing pages that we created have an 18% conversion rate. Our open rates for our emails has increased by 950%. Our click-through rate was a 400% increase. We increased our contacts in our database by 730% and qualified leads were up 600%. We were able to really clean up our contact database and increase our leads that were coming in through the website.” – Megan Ptaszenski of Core Solutions, an electronic health records vendor in the behavioral health, substance abuse, and mental health fields
  • “Sagefrog did a great job of working with our executive team and myself to find out what our mission should look like. They helped us shape our branding initiative to a PowerPoint presentation and also through our corporate brochures that we use to support our customer base. We took the existing logo and Sagefrog helped us bring it to life. The legacy logo was something we wanted to keep true to. We wanted to make it more of a modern feel. They helped us redesign the logo, the colors, and the overall brand imagery that we needed. We are a woman- and minority-owned company so we wanted that reflected throughout the imagery that we incorporate into all of our content.” – Chris Hammerquist of Neta Scientific, a chromatography and life science distribution company

We understand the work that goes into making the decision to hire an agency or bring people in-house. There are pros and cons to weigh and decision-makers to involve. If more information would help your company come to a conclusion, schedule a free consultation with Sagefrog. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We’ll discuss your biggest healthcare marketing challenges and goals and recommend the best methods for reaching your target audience.

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