Clinical Research Organization (CRO) solutions company, CRO Analytics, the provider of the biopharma industry’s first clinical trial performance quality data collection system, published an educational infographic titled, “The Health of the Clinical Trials Industry” as part of its inbound marketing initiatives.

The infographic’s graphic design and copy highlights the history and key events of outsourcing clinical trials with a timeline and strategic iconography. In partnership with industry leading publication, Applied Clinical Trials, and in collaboration with Drexel University, CRO Analytics utilized their statistically validated, cloud-based application, Performer™, to harvest, analyze and benchmark the data.

Read the case study below to learn how this infographic helped drive inbound leads.

  • Challenge
    CRO Analytics sought awareness and adoption for its flagship SaaS platform, Performer™. Targeted at the highly-regulated biopharmaceutical industry, in which new technology and methodology faces a long ramp to acceptance, the product launch needed to reach early visionary adopters who would understand and introduce the platform to their internal and external customers.
  • Solution
    A strategic and results-driven integrated marketing program was developed to permeate the industry from all angles. A large piece of the program included the conceptualization, development and promotion of an educational and scalable infographic titled, “The Health of the Clinical Trials Industry.” The success factors of the infographic included its originality, polish and integration:

    • Originality
      Clinical research is a $51 billion industry and yet no significant improvements have been made in measuring the quality of clinical trials. CRO Analytics produced “The Health of the Clinical Trials Industry” infographic – the first collateral piece of its kind, to offer statistically validated and original data on the state of clinical trials. To present this cumbersome concept, CRO Analytics partnered with industry leading publication, Applied Clinical Trials, and collaborated with Drexel University to publicize this information in an easily digestible and visually appealing format that would generate industry awareness. The infographic also served as a sales tool by highlighting the benefits of the company’s cloud-based application, Performer™— the software responsible for harvesting, analyzing and benchmarking the infographic’s original data points.
    • Polish
      Providing a comprehensive overview of the history of the clinical trials industry, the infographic highlights significant data points with visual representation including timelines, graphs, maps and iconography. The infographic strategically highlighted the current performance and quality of clinical trials and skillfully weaved CRO Analytics’ brand guidelines into the design. The professional and engaging visual encourages information sharing with a scalable design and positions the company as an industry thought leader.
    • Integration
      Infographics are excellent tools for displaying complex information to CRO Analytics’ target market of biopharmaceutical and clinical research professionals. As such, the infographic serves as both an educational piece and sales tool by generating industry awareness for the state of clinical trial performance and informing the company’s target audience about their flagship product, Performer™.Inundated with a high volume of data on a daily basis, the biopharmaceutical and clinical research industry maintains high standards for the information that gets consumed. Offering data that had never been measured before, the infographic was well-received by the industry and was:

      • Shared widely and easily on social media channels
      • Featured in industry publications through earned media opportunities
      • Mailed to potential and existing clients
      • Displayed at the company’s tradeshow booth
      • Utilized as a sales tool with investors
  • Quantitative Results
    Strategically designed to be scalable across multiple channels, the infographic was shared widely across print and digital mediums. Social media sharing on LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest resulted in more than 16,600 impressions and contributed to more than 50 downloads from the CRO Analytics website. The infographic was also published in industry leading publications including Applied Clinical Trials and Pharmaceutical Executive – a publication that later featured the infographic online, achieving 120,890 impressions. Additionally, when utilized as a sales tool, the infographic placed the information in front of countless executives and prospects, achieving and exceeding the project’s ultimate goal of awareness and education. To date, the infographic has achieved 137,500 impressions and continues to serve as a paramount sales and information tool for CRO Analytics and the industry as a whole.

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