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Google Says: Search Engine Marketing for B2B Companies

By: Andrea Panno

There was a lot to learn at the “Build Your Business with Google and Sagefrog” event last week, hosted by Sagefrog and led by Google executives via live telecast.

One of the topics, Advertise Your Business Online, was led by Google Adwords Evangelist, Fred Vallaeys. The presentation covered key considerations and benefits of paid search advertising for business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies.

With many B2B professionals in attendance at the event, Sagefrog has summarized the key benefits of B2B search engine marketing – a tactic that we believe is highly relevant and effective in the B2B marketplace.

Benefits of B2B Search Engine Marketing:

1. B2B Lead Generation vs. Instant Sales

Paid searches not only boost your overall website traffic but increase targeted traffic which can result in more qualified leads. This targeted traffic is the result of the message in your paid ad specifically addressing the problem or need your typical client searches for. Your ad should direct your potential client to a well-designed landing page that offers strong calls-to-action to generate lead information. This information will populate the pipeline for your sales force to begin nurturing and converting leads into clients.

2. B2B Brand Building via Web Presence

B2B sales require awareness, research and consideration, as opposed to a B2C purchase which requires less research. When a prospective B2B client is searching for your product or service online, the higher your company ranks on the search engine, the more credible and authoritative your brand will appear within your industry. As a result, your product or service may even serve as a benchmark for comparative research. Brand building can also be accomplished through retargeting (or what Google calls “remarketing”), in which when someone visits your website, your ads will appear on subsequent websites that they visit.

3. B2B Search Engine Marketing for Fast ROI

B2B purchases often have a high customer lifetime value (CLV). For that reason, getting found online now is critical. While search engine optimization strategies also contribute to higher search engine rankings, for quick results, paid search advertising is the way to go. Research shows, that even if your company obtains the first organic listing on a search, most users will still click on the paid listings first.

For search engine marketing services or a full-service integrated marketing agency and a Certified #GooglePartner, please contact Sagefrog Marketing Group.