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Google Says: 3 Things You Should Expect from a Marketing Agency

By: Sagefrog

Yesterday, we discussed the 3 Reasons Why Google Says You Need a Marketing Agency which we learned at the Sagefrog Marketing Group and Google #PartnersConnect event last Wednesday (5/21), hosted at the Sagefrog Marketing Group headquarters and led by Google executives via live telecast.

Google executive and featured speaker Ben Wood, Director of Channel Sales Americas, first told us why you need a marketing agency and then explained what you should expect from an agency. Below are the three main expectations a company should have when working with a marketing agency.

1. Regular Reporting

Open dialogue is crucial when there is so much data available surrounding your online campaigns, including where your ads are showing up, what type of people are seeing your ads and what results you are getting (clicks, impressions, conversions, etc.). This information is critical to be aware of because it allows your agency to analyze results and come to you with solutions.

2. Strategic Solutions

With access to the information above, your agency should be presenting you with ways to optimize your online presence and provide insights as to where your customers are located online. These strategies will make the most of your marketing budget and lead to…

3. Return-on-Investment 

As better business performance is the main reason why you would choose to work with a marketing agency, you should expect ROI; however, don’t expect results overnight. All great things take time, but a marketing agency will help implement the strategic steps your business needs to achieve a maximum ROI.

Stay tuned because on Monday we will discuss Mr. Wood’s final topic, divulging the critical questions you need to ask an agency before contracting them for business.

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