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Google Partners Connect: Video Marketing & B2B

By: Alyssa Dannaker

As a marketing agency with Google Partner status, we’re excited to have access to exclusive Google material and events that allow us to share new opportunities with our clients and community. Today we tuned in to the latest Google Partners Connect Livestream event to learn the latest video marketing best practices.

Here’s a brief overview of what you missed and how video marketing functions in the B2B space.
Our fellow Google Partners can view the full Livestream on the Google Partners YouTube channel.

The Internet and mobile platforms, in general, have always shaken things up in the marketing and advertising industry, but one big change that marketers face right now is the shift in reach and attention. Just one generation ago, the ability to reach audiences was very low, but audience attention was easier to capture with television and other popular forms of traditional advertising. Today, reach is considered plentiful and attention is scarce. Video marketing can help increase your brand’s reach, but holding the attention of your target buyers remains a challenge that skillful video marketers can help you tackle.

Google’s broadcast highlighted a few video marketing best practices and shared several beneficial options for planning, creating and distributing video advertisements through the second largest search engine – YouTube. With videos on YouTube, marketers are promised a big reach, more attention from viewers and precise ad targeting. This makes YouTube videos, in particular, a marketing tool that can drive awareness and consideration, as well as direct traffic to your website.

During the conclusion of the Livestream, Google Partner presenters encouraged viewers to send in their questions. It was the perfect chance to ask about B2B! Here’s a summary of what they had to say:

Q: What are some best practices for B2B video marketing?

A: Very narrow targeting is always a best practice for B2B companies looking to invest in video marketing. This requires a combination of remarketing and in-market segmentation. Using a list of potential buyers who have previously visited your website, B2B remarketing successfully targets these leads because they have already shown some level of interest in what you have to offer. Because the B2B customer journey is also much longer than that of B2C, it’s important that video captures these interested users by breaking down complex product offerings in a more digestible format. It’s also a good idea to focus on only the most relevant visitors in your list who you believe are ready for more engagement with your brand. B2B video marketing should then concentrate on delivering needs at the bottom of the marketing funnel.

What are your thoughts on B2B video marketing? If you’re in need of video marketing or other B2B marketing services, connect with the experts at Sagefrog Marketing Group.

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