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Google+ Tips: 8 Ways to Grow Your Business Page

By: Andrea Panno

Social media is a lot of work and choosing the right social platforms for your business is important. Having a Google+ verified business page is crucial. The main reason being that Google+ is your main local listing in search results – meaning that when someone does a search for your company or optimized keywords associated with it, they will instantly see your Google+ profile in the results so make sure this page is set up for success.

Below are 8 ways to grow your following on Google+ because the more people following, liking, and sharing your content, the higher the ranking Google may give you.

  1. Use your personal profile to promote your business page – If you already have an established Google+ profile, use that as a means to get your business page noticed by your followers.
  2. Use Hashtags – Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter. In fact, people can search for content using keywords, phrases and hashtags in Google+.
  3. Participate in trending topics – Create an editorial calendar with relevant events and holidays so you can easily post about popular and trending topics. You can also use various “newsjacking” tactics to engage a wider audience.
  4. Ask for followers – This can be a bit tricky, as you don’t want to seem desperate; however,  create a strong call-to-action in your updates that gives users a reason to follow your page.
  5. Create and manage circles – Google+ allows you to easily segment your followers by industry, locations, size, etc. This way you can target the right audience every time you post a piece of content.
  6. Make yourself easy to follow – Add a Google+ badge to your website so people can easily find and follow you on Google+
  7. Share Content in Communities – Create your own or join already established communities that are relevant to your industry. Then engage with users to establish credibility within the community.
  8. Attend Google+ Events – There are tons of events happening every day that are relevant to your industry. Do a little research and find an event to participate and connect with other users in.

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