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You’re allowed to be picky when you’re tasked with choosing the best marketing partner for your business. In fact, Sagefrog has encountered our share of weary CEOs and in-house marketing managers looking for a change because they weren’t picky enough when they settled on their previous agency. It pays to do your research before making such a valuable investment. If you can find an agency that’s the perfect match in terms of capabilities, specialties, customer service, and culture, you’ll have a reliable long-term partner that’s dedicated to accelerating your success.

You can gather all the information you need to consider Sagefrog a top candidate by poking around our website, but the FAQs you’ll find below are a great start. Learn more about what drives our team members, how we interact with our clients, when you can expect results, and how to kick off a relationship with Sagefrog.

Why should I hire an agency instead of expanding in-house efforts?

You’ve likely already explored the answer to this common question, but revisiting it will help your team keep in mind all of the important reasons why you’re investing in the marketing of your business. Unfortunately, the B2B space doesn’t have the best history with marketing—many companies still undervalue this crucial business function, resting their long-term success on the shaky foundation of referrals and failing to deliver qualified leads to their sales teams. If you’re considering Sagefrog, you’re probably in the know about the value of marketing today. But there’s also a big difference between investing in a large in-house marketing department and investing in a marketing agency.

Marketing agencies have the expertise and capacity to take planning, executing, and overseeing your communications further than in-house teams. They can deliver integrated marketing services with greater consistency and cohesion, offer access to top marketing platforms and partners, and help businesses make the most of their marketing budgets. The list of benefits goes on, but sharing this information with your team members can ensure everyone is rooting for the success of this investment.

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What can Sagefrog offer me as a full-service B2B marketing agency?

At Sagefrog, full-service capabilities means we offer hundreds of strategies and tactics for accomplishing your business goals through branding, digital marketing, website design, public relations, social media, and traditional advertising. We are home to a team of talented brand strategists, project managers, copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, email coders, PR professionals, digital marketers, and more, each with the skills and certifications to bring successful campaigns to life. Sagefrog is also a HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner, which means we’re experienced in helping B2B companies get started with HubSpot. We can onboard, set up, manage, maintain, and produce content for your HubSpot platform, and even offer training so your team can keep up with campaigns and results.

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What exactly makes Sagefrog better than other marketing agencies?

What sets Sagefrog apart from other marketing agencies is our focus on integrated marketing for B2B companies and our extensive knowledge and experience in the specialized industries we serve. Not only do we offer a wide range of marketing tactics and tools, but we also understand the ins and outs of businesses in healthcare, technology, industrial services, and business services. Many clients choose to work with us because of this subject matter expertise and our team’s ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver quality work. It also doesn’t hurt that we’re a Google Partner, Platinum HubSpot Agency, and one of the region’s fifty fastest growing companies and best places to work.

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What should I know about Sagefrog’s history and company culture?

Founded in 2002, Sagefrog joined the marketing scene as a two-person limited liability corporation led by Mark Schmukler and Suzanne Morris. Their skills in strategy and creative branding offered B2B clients something new, and as the team grew, Sagefrog became known for reliable high-quality work and expertise in complex industries. Our lily pad is a tight-knit group of high-achieving professionals who have helped shape our culture into a positive, high-trust space and a hub for top talent. We also structure our business around the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), which means we manage departments, run meetings, and set growth goals using a set of sound organizational concepts and tools that help us thrive.

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What is my role as a client in a partnership with Sagefrog?

Your role as a client is to review and approve our work, stay in touch, and share your needs, keeping Sagefrog updated on relevant business goals and sales efforts. We pride ourselves on fast turnarounds, so we prioritize consistent communication and have several methods of ensuring the seamless exchange of information and ideas throughout client relationships. Most clients prefer to take advantage of weekly status calls with their account manager to review marketing results, in-progress tactics, and upcoming needs. Businesses that use our digital marketing services also have access to on-demand reports and regular check-ins with our digital experts. But we also like to see how our partnership is progressing through quarterly and biannual meetings that help ensure alignment between teams. However you choose to structure things, we work hard to complement your team and provide support wherever you need it.

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What team members will be working on my account at Sagefrog?

Your main point of contact will be a dedicated account manager, who serves daily as a liaison between your company and Sagefrog. This role reports directly to Sagefrog’s account supervisor, who is responsible for monitoring client satisfaction with our services, processes, and team members. Because Sagefrog is an integrated agency, you’ll also likely hear from specialists in each of our departments depending on the services you explore. Some status calls and most strategic meetings require copywriters, designers, developers, digital marketers, or other team members to join so they can ask questions, gather your input, and produce great work. The leadership team at Sagefrog is also always available to our clients, so feel free to say hello!

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How quickly will I be able to see results and ROI from Sagefrog?

Sagefrog’s mission is to accelerate success through integrated marketing and B2B brand building, and that means we’re laser-focused on delivering results to our clients soon after our engagement begins. Because there’s so much to choose from when you work with us, every service and project type leads to different results, but we always set clear expectations and develop realistic timelines around everything we offer. It’s our process to agree on specific, quantifiable goals and key performance indicators and ask that clients contribute sales feedback to close the loop on marketing efforts. Many clients see the fruits of our labor right away through new branding, and most see results from other tactics in less than a few months. The long-term ROI of working with Sagefrog is also impressive. You can find more details by reading some of our case studies.

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If I’m ready to get started with Sagefrog, what is the next step?

The first step is to reach out! The first person you’ll speak with is our business development specialist, who will listen to your needs, challenges, and goals and offer recommendations on how we can help. After that, you’ll meet with CEO and Co-founder Mark Schmukler to get more information on our services, processes, and team to see if we’d make the perfect match. We typically like to meet in person to get to know your business, and after we set some expectations, we’ll draft a detailed proposal for your consideration. Sound good? Contact us today to dive in.

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