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Finding Your Target Audience Online: 10 Tips to Success

By: Andrea Panno

There are millions of online users and for companies, it can be difficult to connect with the users that will are quality leads and ultimately become customers. Companies must determine who their target online audience is, what information is most valuable to them, and where they spend the majority of their online time. This way, you will be able to create realistic goals and focus your marketing initiatives accordingly.

Below are 10  tips to help you understand and identify your target audience, uncover where they are hanging out online, and finally how to effectively communicate with them to increase your online marketing ROI.

  • What does your target audience look like – take into consideration their age, gender, demographic, etc. and determine if you have multiple audiences.
  • After identifying your target audience, ask yourself what their biggest concerns, needs and interests are so you can address those concerns in your marketing strategy. Also, find out what motivates them and what their pain points are.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition by identifying the value(s) that you offer that your competition does not.
  • Also, understand the process your target audience uses to make a purchase – online research, word of mouth, magazines, etc.

Next, find out what platforms your target audience uses the most online.

  • Find out who your competitors are networking with, what online groups they belong to and the keywords they are using in their content to get recognized.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask – ask the people you are already doing business with where they interact online.
  • Search groups related to your industry and the industry of your target audience – the idea is to be where your prospects can see you and to start contributing to relevant conversations in a meaningful way.

Lastly, you want to communicate effectively with the audience you have uncovered.

  • Demonstrate value – make the effort to understand what your target audience wants to hear and tell them in a way that they want to hear it. Observe the ways in which they interact in online groups and find ways to insert yourself into the conversation to prove yourself as an informed contributor.
  • Avoid blatant self-promotion – your ideal customers are looking for information, not a sales pitch. Your best bet is to ask questions and provide thoughtful input to the questions being asked.
  • Connect with decision-makers – this is the goal of identifying and interacting with your target audience. Decide if you are engaging with the decision-makers or the insiders, then balance your time accordingly and start planning a strategy to get to the decision-maker.

Using these 10 tips will help you better understand your target audience and will provide you with the proper insight to market your product and services to the people you want using them.

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