What to Expect in Your First 30 Days with Sagefrog

You’ve realized all the ways an integrated marketing agency can improve your in-house efforts and now you’ve done the due diligence to evaluate all your options. If your must-have criteria included B2B acumen, integrated capabilities, fast quality, and demonstrated results and ROI, then it’s likely that Sagefrog has made your short list. You’re on the brink of engaging in a very strategic partnership.

As with most savvy business professionals, a clear idea of what to expect within the first few days, weeks, and months of a new business relationship is key to feeling confident about an impending investment. Let’s take a look at your first thirty days with Sagefrog.

Step 1: Simple & Effective Onboarding

Regardless of whether you’re partnering with Sagefrog for project-based work (e.g., a brand strategy or new website) or for retained marketing services (Sagefrog Integrated Marketing Program, a.k.a. SIMP), the first step is onboarding. Because you’re most likely engaging with an agency to decrease your team’s workload, we don’t ask too much of you to complete this step.

You’ll be promptly greeted with a welcome message from your assigned account management team with simple requests for foundational information. From there, our operations department will get you up and running on our back-end systems while we begin an internal discovery process, in which we research your company, industry, marketing assets, and top competitors.

An in-person or remote kick-off meeting will be scheduled within the first few weeks with an agenda to meet each other’s key personnel, align our objectives, processes, timelines, and expectations, ensuring we’re all prepped and ready for an optimal engagement!

Step 2: Strategy Setting & Tactical Execution

No matter what type of engagement you’ve employed Sagefrog for, you can expect us to start with strategy. The adage “tactics without strategy is a nightmare; strategy without tactics is a hallucination” rings true through our office halls. Strategy can be brainstorming about what’s worked and not worked in the past; refining or overhauling your current brand messaging and visual identity for consistency or to better align with your buyer personas; and always, defining the metrics and KPIs we’re working to achieve.

With strategy in place, your account management team will tap into all the necessary capabilities at Sagefrog to get your work underway. This includes our certified team of passionate professionals spanning creative directors, copywriters, graphic designers, web developers and digital marketing specialists as well as our premium partnerships with resources such as Google and HubSpot.

Step 3: Responsive & Reliable Account Management

Unlike most marketing agencies, Sagefrog operates like a professional services firm. This is a unique advantage that provides you with all the creativity of a typical agency plus the reliability, stability, and business acumen of a firm. Because of this, you can expect superior responsiveness, quick turnarounds on high-quality work, and transparency in our processes and at the leadership level.

If you’re utilizing the SIMP, you can expect standing calls with your account management team and our certified professionals as topics require. You’ll be informed weekly, if not daily, on the progress of your program – with timelines and updates proactively sent your way. At Sagefrog, we abide by this simple rule of thumb: when entering the weekend, every client should feel confident and informed about the status of their marketing program. Beyond that, you can expect ongoing optimization of your marketing plan, resting assured that all marketing efforts are being consistently monitored and improved upon.

So whether you’re preparing to sign on the dotted line or you’re still analyzing your short list for the right marketing partner, consider all the ways Sagefrog can leap into action to accelerate your success. For more insight into what an integrated marketing agency like Sagefrog can do for your business, schedule a marketing consultation.

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