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Defined: 9 Marketing Buzzwords

By: Sagefrog

While we hear them all the time – and use them – sometimes the definition of an online marketing buzzword can elude our customers and even our co-workers.

Below are nine of the most popular online marketing buzzwords being used today and their definition – so no more need for the quick Google search when no one is looking:

  1. Content Marketing – 86% of B2C marketers and 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing in their social strategy. Content marketing consists of companies communicating effectively and providing value to consumers – largely through blogs, infographics, videos and social media.
  2. Real-Time – The real-time landscape means that life is unfolding simultaneously online and offline. As a real-time micro-blogging channel, Twitter is an excellent example.
  3. Value Proposition – The basis of this buzzword is understanding why your company is valuable to consumers and then establishing how to convey that value.
  4. Crowdsourcing – Described as “the biggest focus group you could ever imagine,” crowdsourcing provides the opportunity to reach and gather information from a large group of people through the Internet – specifically, social media.
  5. Social Commerce – Best described as “social media meets shopping,” this type of eCommerce uses communication, connection and design to drive sales.
  6. Native Ads – Melding advertising and content creation, native ads are meant to look more editorial than sales-focused.
  7. SMO – Standing for Social Media Optimization, SMO is social media marketing with a unique emphasis on optimized content, linking and connections. It incorporates SEO as well as social media to more effectively drive traffic and results.
  8. ROI – This means Return On Investment – It’s a vital part of social media optimization. ROI measures social success by focusing on the benefits you reap in relation to the effort you put in.
  9. KPI – Or Key Performance Indicators. These refer to metrics used to gauge performance – how to determine the successes and failures. KPI’s can be industry-specific or incredibly broad, and they are especially helpful in scenarios such as digital campaigns.

If you are looking for experts who know buzzwords and how to use them for successful, lead-generating online marketing campaigns and all other full-service integrated marketing, please contact Sagefrog Marketing Group.