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Creating Content Worth Reading

By: Andrea Panno

So you produce awesome content…  But is anyone actually reading or sharing it? If not, your content marketing strategy may be in need of improvement.

A quick fix is to incorporate linking into your content creation. This will increase your online visibility and ranking.

“But why do I need to be ranked?”

If your content isn’t ranked, no one can find it, which means no one is reading it. Without readers, your content is going unnoticed and therefore is most definitely not getting shared.

Check out these linking tips that are sure to help get your content read.

Co-cite. Co-citation is an underrated SEO technique that occurs when a brand is mentioned, but not linked. If linking directly is not possible, mentioning other brands and sites can be useful for improving ranking and authority. This can build brand presence and increase the click-through rate.

Don’t stress yourself out over keywords. Keywords are important for SEO, but cramming too many of them into your content can come off as desperate and unprofessional. Focus on creating top-notch content for real people – not search engines – and you’ll generate a loyal following simply by being relevant.

Embrace your niche. By focusing your content within your niche, other websites will link to you, and your site’s authority will increase. The more relevant these websites are to your niche (and ultimately your content), the more authority your site will have, increases your visibility.

Don’t optimize anchor text. Anchor text consists of the words in your copy that form your link (ex – Optimizing your link with keywords can be held as a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, which can lead to penalization. Alternatively, try using sentence fragments or branded terms in your anchor text instead.

Interact with others. You can’t expect other sites to link to you without interacting with them first. Explore competitors and other notable websites within your niche, and link to them and discuss their best content. Your interactions won’t go unnoticed, and as a result, they will be much more likely to notice you and return the favor.

Internally link. Creating a link from one page of your website to another can help users easily access additional content you have produced without seeming pushy. Adding these links will also increase your website’s overall page views, and showcase your expertise on the topic.

When done correctly, linking can be extremely effective for increasing your content’s online presence and driving readers to your page.

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