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Content Marketing: 3 Ways It Helps Your B2B Business

By: Sagefrog

  1. Improves Brand Credibility – Writing original content about your industry and posting relevant articles from credible sources can help you build trust among your prospects and clients. Position yourself as the source of reliable and helpful information that is specific to your target market.
  2. Helps with Reputation Management – By regularly posting to social channels, you are able to see which content is getting the most feedback (and which content is not), what people are saying about your brand, and how often your brand is being mentioned and then use that information to create impactful content that will benefit your brand reputation and ultimately sales.
  3. SEO – Good quality content helps determine whether your company appears consistently on the first page of Google.  The more articles, videos, and posts that you post that link to your website, the higher the probability that prospects will find your company through an internet search.

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