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The 5 Key Components of Brand Trust [Checklist]

By: Andrea Panno

To be successful in B2B, your company needs to build longstanding, positive relationships with customers. And, those relationships depend on trust. Each year at Sagefrog, we compile a Top Trusted Brands Report by simply asking B2B customers: what brands do you trust?

We’ve made many important discoveries as we’ve compiled these reports.

We’ve learned that certain companies simply receive higher trust scores because of their industry; shipping companies like UPS and FedEx can always be found near the top. We’ve also learned that even when a company outperforms its rivals, public relations issues can severely deplete customers’ trust in a brand; Amazon’s steep fall in the ranks from 2018 to 2019 was a prime example.

From this year’s report, we discovered that the tactics brands use to build trust change with the times: when a new medium or format grows in prominence, early adopters tend to reap the rewards. Though the tactics the brands use change, there are still five crucial components that make up a trusted brand.

The five components of brand trust are:

  1. Unified and consistent brand materials
  2. A personal approach to content
  3. A strong public relations presence
  4. The right marketing tactics
  5. The best media to use those tactics

Download this checklist to see how you can secure those building blocks to brand trust.

Download Checklist