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Case Study: How This EHR Provider Increased Leads by 728% with Inbound Marketing

By: Featured Author

At Sagefrog, your success is our passion and the best way to showcase that is through case studies: evidence-based content that features hard metrics and data in black and white. It defines the difference between success and failure – and when the metrics report a nearly 800% increase in leads in just one year, it’s safe to say, “Success!” One of our favorite success stories is with electronic health record (EHR) provider, Core Solutions.

Situation & Challenge

Core Solutions is a progressive leader in transforming the behavioral, medical and social services experience with its integrated EHR platform, Cx360. Originally, the client sought Sagefrog’s support to help position themselves as an industry thought leader nationwide and communicate their product’s value to multiple buyer personas.

Recently, Core Solutions’ market opportunity was amplified after a federal healthcare mandate required all healthcare organizations to use Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and move away from paper records. This led to an influx of content and information on the web about EMRs and EHRs, making it exceedingly difficult to not just produce unique content, but have it reach and subsequently influence the Company’s buyer personas to move along their buyer journey.

Solution & Execution

After being presented with the challenge, the next step was clear: a comprehensive content and digital marketing campaign. Sagefrog developed an integrated content and email marketing campaign via HubSpot to capture and nurture qualified leads.

To effectively reach decision-makers, Sagefrog developed various buyer personas including:

  • IT professionals, focused on product integration and system architecture
  • Clinicians and other healthcare professionals, focused on patient needs
  • Management executives, focused on trends and cost savings

The persona-based content featured blogs and webinar summaries as well as premium assets such as infographics, case studies and whitepapers.

Performance & Results

In less than five months, Core Solutions’ website traffic tripled and the company expanded its geographic footprint through new partnerships. The leads continued to be nurtured with targeted content and email marketing campaigns via HubSpot. The content serves as a hub for the client’s entire marketing program spanning web, digital, social and traditional. The success did not stop there.

In the past year, the campaign exceeded its marketing goals with performance metrics including:

  • Website
    • 164% website visit increase
    • 18% landing page conversion rate
  • Emails
    • 945% email open rate increase
    • 434% email click-through rate increase
  • Contacts
    • 729% contacts increase
    • 603% leads increase

By providing compelling, relevant industry information, it’s not surprising that the campaign has compiled these impressive statistics. Its success has played a key role in Core Solutions’ continued growth, which saw them expand even further across the United States with customers in California, Colorado and Michigan, as well as garner multiple strategic partnerships.

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