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Case Study: EHR Company Establishes Thought Leadership with HubSpot Agency

By: Andrea Panno

Core Solutions is an electronic health record (EHR) vendor for behavioral health and human services that was poised to change the industry with its state-of-the-art EHR technology. The company, however, needed to first establish thought leadership in its industry, to provide its team with a reputable and trusted platform to sell upon. To accomplish this, Core Solutions sought integrated marketing services, including inbound marketing, from Sagefrog and its partnership with HubSpot. The results were overwhelmingly positive, generating awareness, leads and ROI for the EHR vendor. Here’s their story.

The Challenge

When a federal mandate required all healthcare organizations to utilize electronic medical records (EMRs) to track patient data, the internet surged with healthcare marketing content about EMR and EHR technology. Sagefrog was challenged with developing a tactical marketing plan for Core Solutions that would not only breakthrough that clutter with fresh content, new perspectives and optimized keywords, but would also reach Core Solutions’ target market in a unique and influential way.

The Solution

Sagefrog’s healthcare marketing strategy for Core Solutions used HubSpot’s inbound marketing methodology to focus on the buyer’s journey, persona pain points and content needs. We began by conceptualizing Core Solutions’ buyer personas, which included IT professionals, clinicians and management executives. Developing personas is a part of our marketing process with all clients, and influences the content marketing goals and tactics we choose to use and execute. In this case, the chosen course of action was to create a comprehensive content and email marketing campaign, targeted towards each persona’s pain points.

How HubSpot Helped

HubSpot’s “Marketing Hub” enabled us to publish Core Solutions’ content, while its CRM helped us flow newly captured leads into their database, providing a seamless hand-off of new leads from Core Solutions’ marketing department to sales. Though HubSpot was founded on a methodology that prioritizes content marketing, it has tools that extend far beyond a content marketing platform.

Through HubSpot, Sagefrog:

  • Published persona-based content for Core Solutions, like blogs and webinar summaries, as well as premium content assets that would help capture leads by having prospects fill out a form to download them. These assets included infographics, case studies and whitepapers.
  • Obtained and stored contacts, that were then qualified as leads and “nurtured” or guided further along the buyer’s journey with follow-up emails and relevant content.
  • Executed targeted email marketing campaigns promoting the downloadable content and followed up with contacts who’d downloaded the content to stay top-of-mind.

The Results

Within four months of implementing this marketing plan, traffic to Core Solutions’ website tripled. The company was able to forge new partnerships that expanded their geographic footprint. Their contacts increased by a staggering 728.58%, which, in turn, led to an increase of 603% in leads. With their newly appealing and helpful content, Core Solutions achieved a landing page conversion rate of 17.97%, which is a high rate for B2B companies.

Working with a HubSpot agency, like Sagefrog, gave Core Solutions a special advantage. Our agency was able to provide all the benefits of generating excellent content expediently, without putting undue pressure on Core Solutions’ own marketing department.

Though some companies choose to take their HubSpot journeys without the help of an agency, Core Solutions reaped the unique benefits of a HubSpot agency partner like Sagefrog: all the experience and expertise of a top-ranked marketing agency funneled through a platform that maximized program efficacy.

The fact that Sagefrog’s campaign for Core Solutions had this high level of success at a time when healthcare content marketing campaigns for EHRs and EMRs were springing up across the internet, is proof that a HubSpot partner agency is the solution to help your B2B company break through the clutter no matter the challenge. If you’re ready to start your journey to being an industry thought leader, we’re here to help.

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