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Building a Trusted Brand: Five Building Blocks That Lead to Trust

By: Sagefrog

Creating a trusted brand is no easy task. It takes hard work, dedication and follow through. Below are 5 building blocks to help you create a stable and trusted brand image.

  • Ability – A company’s ability to provide a reliable product or service is crucial to attain a high level of trust among consumers. Remember to deliver what you promise and do so at a high level of efficiency.
  • Concern – Consider your customers’ needs and also how your company shows concern for customer needs. Showcase these qualities in your PR activities. When a company applies its core capabilities to business results, it has a competitive advantage.
  • Connection – It is important that customers feel a connection with a brand because they are more likely to spread their positive feelings through the word of mouth or testimonials. Consumers are more likely to trust a brand when they understand how your products and services solve a broader problem that they can relate to. Your marketing efforts should be focused on creating and cultivating that connection because the customer voice is the powerful third-party force your brand needs to attain high levels of trust.
  • Consistency – Once you have developed a unique and compelling value proposition for your brand, repeat it again and again.
  • Sincerity – Preserving transparency with customers helps build brand confidence. Make sure to not only be open and honest about your product, but helpful as well. Remember, consumers are humans too and appreciate an honest, personal touch.

Here is a list of the Top 50 Most Trusted Brands in America. These brands have taken the five building blocks above and applied them to create lovable and rock solid brand images.

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