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The Benefits of Using a B2B Healthcare Marketing Agency

By: Alyssa Dannaker

Are you looking to maximize the potential of your B2B healthcare company’s marketing efforts?  In order to accelerate growth for your brand, you may need to outsource strategies and tactics to a marketing agency already equipped with tools and resources to broadcast your brand and drive results.

However, because you provide products and services to the complex B2B marketplace, it’s a smart and strategic move to partner with an agency that specializes in the unique field of B2B marketing. Take it one step further and look for a B2B marketing agency that has experience working with healthcare companies like your own. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should keep marketing efforts in-house or engage an agency, below are a few of the most significant benefits a B2B healthcare marketing agency can provide. Consider the benefits of each leverage point when deciding the best route for your company.

A B2B healthcare marketing agency…

…has valuable healthcare industry knowledge and experience.

An agency that knows little about your business won’t have the beneficial foresight to push marketing efforts above and beyond or to successfully target your buyer personas. But when it comes with a specialty in tried-and-true B2B tactics and added experience in your specific industry—such as clinical trials or healthcare information technology—the agency’s account team and creative services departments will be sufficiently familiar with your products and services without much explanation on your part. They’ll be in tune with proven ways to make your brand stand out from the competition and will optimize all forms of marketing to accelerate your success.

…can serve as a trusted business advisor and partner.

Because the B2B industry is a difficult space to master in terms of reachable buyers, successful B2B healthcare marketing agencies know that savvy planning is the most important step in the marketing process. That’s why a B2B agency like Sagefrog takes steps to set quarterly marketing goals, interpret your feedback and consistently shape and mold marketing efforts to reflect your business objectives. A quick pro tip: The best B2B marketing agency will serve as a strategic business partner that operates with your long-term interests in mind, while the lesser agency will operate on a simplistic transactional level as a vendor.

…has exclusive access to the latest marketing platforms, tools and tactics.

When you choose not to outsource your marketing tactics to an agency, you risk waving goodbye to the latest technologies and strategies that could bump your brand up to the next level. It would take an extreme financial investment and exhaustive effort to build an in-house marketing team that has the same level of expertise and resources as an established B2B marketing agency. The good news is that B2B healthcare marketing agencies like Sagefrog exist and are already in touch with what works, leveraging inbound and content marketing, social media trends, exclusive Google Partner advice and even the wonders of HubSpot to advance your brand.

…comes equipped with a wide range of marketing services.

It’s easy to see the need for a specialized marketing agency when you take stock of your internal capabilities and find yourself ogling at all an agency can do. All B2B healthcare businesses can benefit from customized branding, digital and web optimization, public relations, social media outreach and a traditional marketing backbone. But an outstanding B2B agency will also combine these standard services to offer you an integrated marketing plan explicitly linked to the healthcare industry.

Do these benefits sound appealing? Make headway on your B2B healthcare marketing agency search by holding these benefits up to each prospective marketing agency on your list. Supplement them with actionable items to narrow down your search for an agency that will help you target the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. To help you in this process, download The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing the Right Marketing Agency to use as a strategic tool.

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