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B2B Content Marketing: The Secret to Driving Revenue

By: Andrea Panno

The function of content marketing is to create revenue-driving content that allows your company to achieve its business goals – not to constantly pitch your business services and products. This revenue-driving content includes an optimal mix of product promotion and solutions to your customer’s industry challenges.

Help drive revenue for your B2B company with these 3 content marketing steps:

1. Identify the decision-makers of your target audience.

While your product may be relevant to all types of different people and companies, it is critical to understand the job titles and organizations that will seriously consider paying for and using your product. Once you identify these roles, tailor your content to speak to their specific needs.

2. Understand the trends and spending habits of these decision-makers.

Stay up to date on the issues these decision-makers face, and what solutions they are spending their money on. If your content can prove that your company understands their industry challenges and that your product or service is here to help, your chances of capturing their attention, or even business, will increase.

3. Evaluate your company’s unique value proposition.

Ensure your company’s value proposition clearly communicates why your solution should be chosen over your competition. Research the messages of your competitors and differentiate yourself. Be sure to include your differentiators in all of your content.
Of course, once you identify your audience, understand their spending habits and evaluate your differentiators, be sure the content you develop is leveraged across all relevant channels. These channels may include, your website, blog, blog forums, social media, online directories, and industry-related sites.

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