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AI in Marketing: 6 Tools Tested and Approved by Sagefrog Lab

By: Andrea Panno

As we move deeper into the digital era, the marketing landscape is being reshaped again by powerful technological advancements. Advertising giants like Google and Meta are rapidly harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to help their customers refine marketing strategies through more sophisticated data analysis, competitor intelligence, sentiment analysis, and SEO optimization.

These innovative AI applications aren’t confined to tech giants, however. The technology has finally reached a point where smaller businesses and marketing agencies have everyday access to AI-powered tools to streamline operations, provide valuable insights, and generate impactful results.

At Sagefrog, we focus on making the most of every tool and technology. And through the unique framework of Sagefrog Lab, we’re testing, mastering, and deploying AI tools to elevate our marketing strategies and produce the best results for our clients. This exploration of AI in marketing isn’t just about keeping pace with industry trends – it’s about forging a new path and setting a higher standard for honest, data-driven, impactful, and effective marketing.

Let’s take a look at our approach to AI and new tech tools and explore some of the specific tools we’re using today.

The Role of AI in Modern Marketing

The increasing reliance on data in marketing is a challenge and an opportunity. AI turns this challenge into a competitive advantage by converting unstructured data into actionable insights. It helps gather and understand customer reviews, uncovers competitor strategies, and optimizes marketing campaign targeting. It’s a critical force multiplier in the data-driven world of modern marketing.

But AI doesn’t stop at data analytics; it’s also revolutionizing creative tasks. With AI assistance, we can generate compelling content more efficiently, from persuasive headlines to engaging blog posts and targeted call-to-actions, optimizing our time and energy and helping us focus more on strategic thinking and planning.

Naturally, there’s been some concern about the overreliance on AI in creative fields, but as we gain experience, it’s increasingly clear that it’s more of a powerful sidekick than a replacement. It boosts the efficiency of marketers, helping us diversify our skills and generate more impactful campaigns. Embracing AI tools is a path toward unlocking our full potential and reaching new heights in marketing success.

Sagefrog Lab: Harnessing AI for Advanced Marketing

Sagefrog Lab is our unique in-house marketing research center for exploring and mastering new tools, concepts, and platforms as they arise. Sagefrog Lab allows us to stay at the forefront of technological innovation, identifying and rigorously testing new AI tools on ourselves before recommending and implementing them in client campaigns. This process not only strengthens our expertise; it ensures we recommend only the most effective, proven tools to our clients.

Here are some of the specific AI tools we use at Sagefrog and how they enhance our marketing strategies:

HubSpot’s Content Assistant and ChatSpot

HubSpot’s AI-powered tools, Content Assistant and ChatSpot, exemplify the transformative power of AI in marketing. The Content Assistant harnesses the capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT model to enhance productivity and creativity in content creation. This tool is integrated natively with other HubSpot products, streamlining tasks such as generating copy for blogs, social posts, marketing emails, and more.

Complementing this, ChatSpot is a conversational CRM bot, enabling professionals to accomplish tasks in HubSpot swiftly through chat-based commands. Whether drafting follow-up emails, pulling reports, or managing leads, ChatSpot is an effective way to enhance productivity within the HubSpot environment.


GrammarlyGO can be a valuable tool for any content creation process. It uses generative AI to scan text for grammar, syntax, and style enhancements, suggesting improvements that can be accepted or ignored based on personal preference. This AI-powered feature aids in maintaining high writing standards by providing clear, concise, and engaging content.

Sagefrog frequently leverages Grammarly and GrammarlyGO to ensure our communication is precise and effective. They help us refine content, tailor messaging to be more impactful, and preserve unique voices and styles. And they provide an additional layer of quality control, crucial for delivering consistently superior content to our clients.


ChatGPT is a Large Language Model AI that excels in generating a wide range of text-based content, from product descriptions and headlines to blog posts and call-to-actions. By leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities, we can expedite content creation, making the process more efficient and flexible without sacrificing quality.

In our content development, we’ve been experimenting with ChatGPT to generate diverse material that aligns with our brand voice and messaging while improving productivity and helping to ensure consistency across all communication channels. The versatility of ChatGPT as a content creation tool can undoubtedly enhance any digital marketer’s capability to deliver effective and impactful campaigns and materials.

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Drift employs AI to automate and personalize customer interactions, accelerating sales processes without draining resources. Its AI-powered chatbots engage and convert potential clients on a website, providing proactive customer engagement. The tool also offers real-time insights into visitor needs, enabling precise marketing, sales, and service strategies. Open-text conversations facilitated by AI provide a more human-like interaction experience that fosters trust and make Drift a versatile tool for enhancing customer-centric services and boosting growth.


Wynter lets companies perfect their marketing campaigns and product messaging by gaining in-depth audience insights. This tool assists in content auditing and audience research, helping to refine and enhance marketing messages.

Participants provide feedback on various aspects such as websites, creatives, or sales copy, allowing businesses to analyze how their target audiences perceive and interact with their content. Trusted by industry-leading companies, Wynter offers a unique approach to market research, marrying customer feedback with a profitable side gig for its panelists.

In this way, Wynter transforms the complexities of market research into an engaging, rewarding process, leading to more insightful and compelling content strategies.

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Google Ads Automated Bidding

Google Ads Automated Bidding leverages AI to enhance ad performance and targeting. This feature considers various factors, such as keywords, device type, and user behavior, and uses machine learning algorithms to adjust your bids in real time.

By dynamically managing your bidding strategies, Google Ads Automated Bidding ensures your ads reach the most relevant audiences, maximizing click-through rates and conversions while optimizing your ad spend. This innovative application of AI technology simplifies ad management, delivering improved results and increased ROI for advertisers.

Conquering the AI Frontier and Implementing Marketing Innovation

AI tools are quickly becoming a permanent fixture in modern digital marketing. They open new paths of creativity, enhance campaign efficiency and effectiveness, and enrich the customer experience. Our exploration of new technologies and opportunities for innovation in the Sagefrog Labs highlights the vast potential of AI and underscores its transformative potential.

However, with such a broad array of tools available, how do you know which ones will truly drive results? This is where the expertise of a seasoned marketing agency comes in. We test and validate these tools so you don’t have to, ensuring the AI technologies we leverage are not only efficient but impactful, providing you with robust, proven strategies.

The tools discussed here all assist us in creating engaging content, optimizing customer interactions, fine-tuning our messaging, and strengthening ad performance. But our exploration doesn’t stop here. As we navigate this data-driven era, we continue to innovate and learn, keeping pace with industry trends and pioneering new paths.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to continue exploring the AI-powered marketing frontier and whatever lies beyond – driven by the challenge of pushing boundaries to deliver even more impactful, effective, and successful marketing solutions. Curious about putting these kinds of tools to use for your business? Let’s talk

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