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9 PR Tactics B2B Companies Can’t Survive Without

By: Andrea Panno

There are always misconceptions about public relations – PR is just press releases; reporters don’t want to hear about my news; PR is dead. Contrarily, it is rumors like these that fuel PR and motivates professionals to prove the worth of its tactics time and time again. In a B2B marketplace, it is no secret that consideration and decisions are highly strategic, prequalified and influenced by credibility and clout. As such, PR is among the most validating avenues a B2B company can turn down, as earned media is recognition that a company cannot buy, like advertising. When done right, PR builds not just awareness and credibility for a company, but serves as a point-of-entry for sales, growth and ultimately, return on investment.

Learn why B2B companies need these 9 PR tactics to survive and thrive in a competitive marketplace. 

  1. PR Strategy
    The goal of a sound PR strategy is universal: deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. In a B2B marketplace where the buyer’s consideration and decision process is almost always predated and impacted by stature and credibility, setting the foundation for a strategic PR program is vital.
  2. Media Relations
    Securing B2B coverage is a highly competitive activity that takes place in a saturated market. Therefore, to secure credible and targeted coverage, media relations is a necessary precondition. Relationships with key publications and reporters not only help simplify the placement process but add clout to companies as reporters will consider them a go-to resource for any last-minute queries.
  3. Media Monitoring
    Tracking company and competitor coverage in the media spans print and digital channels of all kinds. This activity often falls on the back-burner for B2B companies as it appears reactive, versus proactive. However, media monitoring is one of the most proactive PR tactics a company can utilize for relationship building, savvy retorts and additional competitive advantages.
  4. Surveys
    B2B companies survive and thrive off data and proof points. By designing, fielding and announcing the results of a survey, companies can create news and hooks for reporters that support their value proposition. For example, a company that offers a service teaching people over the age of 40 how to use a cell phone, might administer a survey to people in that age range, followed by releasing a compelling stat like, “84% of those 40 or older say they don’t know how to use a cell phone properly.”
  5. Press Kits
    Every B2B company should have a press kit handy: an information packet that includes a corporate fact sheet, executive biographies, service overviews, photos of projects, testimonials, links to website and social media sites, recent press releases and contact information. Press kits are expected from reporters and will tell them instantly where a company falls on the legitimacy scale.
  6. Speakers Bureaus
    In an industry driven by thought leaders and subject-matter experts, speaking opportunities are hailed the holy grail of B2B stature and success. Speaking events also serve as effective networking events among peers and prospective clients.
  7. Crisis Management
    The viral nature of today’s “people’s choice” marketing landscape can turn any crises into a casualty. B2B companies must have plans in place to combat foreseen and unforeseen issues in ways that target both internal and external audiences before it’s too late.
  8. Social Media Integration
    Social media continues to serve as both a core marketing and PR tactic for B2B and B2C marketplaces. However defined, social media is an expected PR tactic for a B2B company for its ability to foster the two-way conversations necessary for understanding and engaging with targeted audiences.
  9. Awards
    Finally, awards speak volumes to prospective B2B clients and build credibility among industry peers. During the vendor vetting process for a prospective client, certain industry awards can serve as a point-of-entry for placing on or being cut from the short-list.

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