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6 Opportunities Gained With a Press Release

By: Andrea Panno

There are misconceptions about public relations, including the value of a press release and its effectiveness. If your company is one that shies away from press releases to get the word out, consider these 6 business opportunities your company may be missing out on.

  1. Gain New Leads
    Like other marketing collateral and programs, press releases are a tactic – they not only boost a company’s credibility and positive reputation but also serve as another touchpoint and means of being found by potential leads. A thoughtful press release may get posted on dozens of sites; why limit this exposure?
  2. Prove Your Worth
    Leads expect that the company they are considering to work with, be active and successful. A press release marks an official note of news that a company has produced or been involved with something good. Prove to your leads that you are the company they should be working with.
  3. Enhanced Social Media Presence
    An optimal mix of social media updates includes self-promotion, as well as press releases, questions, and one-on-one communication. Ensure your social media posts are competitive and that your channels are getting the best results by incorporating press releases into the mix.
  4. Trackable Results
    If your company is like many, then you are interested in tracking analytics and understanding where your website visitors and leads come from. Web analytics can tell you exactly how many people read a given press release and who went on to visit your website. Some software even allows you to see what keywords people searched to find your release, their location, and activity (e.g. read, clicked, or shared).
  5. Make Coverage Simple
    Competing for coverage from a journalist or reporter is difficult to do, and without a press release, your chances are extremely slim. Make it easy for them by including a press release in your email pitch so that they can skim the release and pull the details they need to write an article. The easier you make it for them, the better chances your company has of gaining coverage.
  6. Increase Positive Search Results
    The Internet poses many opportunities for people to post reviews and other content about your company and industry. Publishing press releases injects more positive content about your company into the search and allows you to share the content you are most proud of.

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