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5 Ways to Generate “Click-Worthy” Content

By: Andrea Panno

If you stay up to date on marketing trends, chances are you have heard about content marketing and how it is taking the industry by storm.

90% of organizations are using content marketing as part of their business approach1, and as a result, it is becoming more and more difficult for your content to stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, with such expansive reach generated by the Internet and social media, it’s important that you produce only quality content. But what is quality content you may wonder?

Good question! These 5 tips explain how to create “click-worthy” and compelling content.

Be a Story-Teller. Most people would choose to read a storybook versus a textbook, right? So use this analogy as a reason to turn your content into a story and allow your audience to become engaged with what you have to say.

Educate People. By offering readers with a source to become educated, you give them information that they can take with them and use in the future. Frequent readers turn into loyal followers, so keep them coming back by providing educational, data-driven content.

Use Real-World Examples. It’s common for people to write in a manner that conveys positivity and insinuates that everything always ‘works out.’ This is unrealistic however and can turn readers off from believing in your content. Strive to make your content authentic and relatable by providing examples of common problems that your readers may face and how to solve them.

Surprise You Readers. Say something that will capture readers’ attention – something they wouldn’t expect. This sparks the readers’ interest and keeps them coming back.  People that keep coming back are loyal followers, which can lead to advocacy for your brand.

Be Your Brand. Make sure you know who you are as a brand, and incorporate this into all of your content. When your writing is consistent, people will know it is your brand without even looking at your name. Figure out who your audience is and write for them!

Don’t get left behind. Make sure your content is creative and above average. Otherwise, your efforts will get left behind, collecting dust with other “click-less” content attempts.

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