5 Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans

Marketing your business on social media sites is a no-brainer in today’s business marketplace. These sites serve as a great way to get your products and services recognized. On Facebook, individuals can become your “fans,” and while it is great to rack up a lot of them, it can be difficult to know if your content and posts are getting ignored in an endless stream of updates on a news feed. The key is getting your fans to connect, interact and engage – like, share, comment, etc.

Here are 5 ways to improve fan interactions:

  • Give your fans a choice – for example, if you were posting about coffee brands engage users to “like” if they prefer Starbucks or “share” if they prefer Dunkin Donuts.
  • Provide a link with something trending in pop culture right now – everyone likes a little fluff in their work day
  • Link to other, relevant Facebook pages – fans will appreciate the engagement.
  • Curate content from other pages – if you see something that you think your fans will like, share it! They appreciate knowing that you are human!
  • Make content relevant to real people – if a post is too formal, no one is going to connect with it emotionally and it will most likely be glanced over.

The goal is to make your fans love interacting with you. The more they interact, the better chance you have of acquiring new followers and growing your reach within the marketplace.

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