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5 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Content Marketing Campaigns

By: Alyssa Dannaker

Content marketing is based on the inbound methodology which posits that leads will find your business through relevant, informative content. This marketing method has gained momentum over the years in both the B2C and B2B industries. However, many marketers still struggle to see results because they fail to boost their content marketing campaigns using other useful channels and tactics. B2B technology and business services companies don’t often take advantage of social media and public relations. If you’re one of the many B2B marketers using content marketing, start cross-promoting your efforts on other channels to drive more traffic to your campaigns and ultimately more leads to your business.

Here are five easy ways to leverage your content marketing efforts:

1. Bite-Sized Snippets

Using the information from your quarterly content marketing offers, craft mini social campaigns in the form of pulled quotes, tips or images. Showcase snippets of a large infographic, share fast facts from a whitepaper or offer simple tips from a lengthy eBook. These pieces can be shared on social media throughout the quarter to help drive traffic to each stage’s content offer. The examples below show how you can share an image of gated content or create a mini tip campaign on Twitter to tease your offer. Both tweets link to the content offer’s landing page.

2. Website Resources

Select a time frame for unlocking gated content offers in order to build up the number of resources available to visitors on your website. Content marketing campaigns are typically conducted quarterly, so it’s a good idea to remove contact forms later in the year to store those offers on your site’s resources page. If you create a wide variety of resources such as eBooks, whitepapers, infographics and checklists, make tabs or separate sections to categorize resources for easy access.

3. Offer Pitching

Use ungated content offers to grow backlinks and brand awareness. Once your content marketing campaign has run its course, have your SEO and PR teams pitch more visually appealing assets like eBooks and infographics to industry publications and blogs. This can bring invaluable backlink opportunities and increase exposure to your target audience.

4. Online Resource Hubs

Make the most of social communities to house some of your best resources. B2B companies and their marketing professionals should already be active on LinkedIn, but did you know that you also have access to SlideShare, a hub of user-created content? Upload ungated offers to your SlideShare account to showcase easy-to-view content that will better reach the LinkedIn community. HubSpot partners also have the opportunity to upload offers to HubSpot’s Marketing Resource Library.

5. Paid Ads & Sponsored Social

Check performance metrics and make use of your most effective content pieces for paid advertising campaigns and sponsored social media posts. Design quick PPC ads for a high performing eBook and head back to LinkedIn to create easy sponsored social campaigns. Add language to the social posts that position a content offer as a solution or starting point to your LinkedIn audience’s main issues. Because all of these pieces were part of a content marketing campaign, you won’t need to take the time to design landing pages for the ads.

Do you utilize these five cross-promotion tactics? Ask your marketing agency about incorporating these strategies into your content marketing plan. They’ll help expand your online reach and increase web traffic by attracting and nurturing qualified leads to your business.

If you’re constructing your first content marketing campaign, download the free useful checklist featured in this blog’s examples: Content Marketing Campaign Planning & Execution.

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