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5 Tips to Prevent Social Media Mishaps

By: Andrea Panno

Social media is a fantastic way to share content, provide company updates and engage with your customers. However, the quick and easy nature of posting to social media has resulted in major social media slip-ups! (We are sure you have a list of those inappropriate, ill-timed and unfortunate posts running through your head right now!)

Below are 5 tips to help prevent social media mishaps from tarnishing your brand!

  1. Triple Check! While a bit more time consuming than you would like, it is necessary to create a system in which at least three people look at posts before they are shared. This does not have to be an everyday task. Instead, plan several posts for the month and have others review them to ensure that all posts are good to go. If you are commenting on a trending topic spur of the moment – don’t hit share until someone has reviewed it! How long does it take to proof a tweet anyway?
  2. Change Passwords Often – It is important to keep your social media accounts secure. Malicious hacks can happen and they can happen to you! Also, be sure to change your passwords when an employee leaves the company – even if you do trust them, a social media mishap is not worth the risk.
  3. Create a Social Media Policy – Sometimes, people just don’t know where the line is until they have crossed it. Safeguard your brand. Having guidelines for what employees should and should not post on social media is a great way to keep your content consistent. If you have several employees posting to your social media sites, create a short yet informative document that details company policies that are relevant to their task.
  4. Respond Quickly (and Personally) to Complaints – When it comes to handling customer complaints and poor reviews, respond quickly with a personal message that makes the customer feel heard. Too often, companies respond slowly and with a generic response, which can enhance customers’ frustration.
  5. Hire a Good Agency – A full-service agency can maintain your social media, digital marketing and public relations to increase brand awareness, strengthen your marketing strategy and effectively handle negativity surrounding your brand. Give yourself the peace of mind and the time you need to focus on the tasks that are most important to move your company forward.

For social media marketing and all other full-service integrated marketing, please contact Sagefrog Marketing Group.