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5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your Website’s Homepage

By: Sagefrog

Your website homepage has it tough. It must capture a viewer’s attention, address and answer their questions, and clearly direct them to the next appropriate page on your site – while at the same time look fresh, modern and smart. Did we mention that it must accomplish all of this in an extremely short period of time (seconds really) because if a viewer does not like the look and feel or fails to see the answer to their problem, they will simply visit another website that will.

Below are 5 common mistakes that businesses make on the homepage of their website.

1. Too Wordy

Avoid long paragraphs. You want to entice the reader to click through and read more about your products or services – not scare them away with large blocks of text (that they are just going to skim anyway).

2. Too Promotional

People are either on the web to solve a problem or be entertained. Don’t talk about how great you are, instead address the ways in which you will solve their problem.

3. Flash Animation

This just wastes time and won’t even load on some devices. Keep your homepage simple because you have about 3-4 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention.

4. Too Cluttered

We will say it again, keep it simple. Too many words, images, videos, moving parts will only hurt you in the end. Make sure your message is clear and direct the viewer to the appropriate page of your website that will address their needs.

5. Funky Colors and Fonts

A poorly chosen color scheme and hard to read fonts will send viewers right back to their Google search results.

By avoiding these mistakes, your homepage could potentially keep the viewer stay on the site longer and impact their decision to use your products/services over competitors. For website design and all other full-service integrated marketing, please contact Sagefrog Marketing Group.