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Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Made by Software Companies

By: Andrea Panno

For software and technology companies that offer a complex service or product, marketing can often pose a challenge. In many cases, the challenge can be caused by the perceived need to be creative, or by a technical person attempting to lead the marketing efforts.

While creativity and input is good, it is important to remember that the main goal of marketing is to clearly tell your specific targeted buyers what you have to offer, and why they should spend money on it.

Learn from the 5 most common marketing mistakes software companies make, and begin moving your company towards smarter, more strategic marketing.

  1. Assuming you are your target customer – Your target customer can be a lot of different people, including the buyer, the user, and the influencer. That said, it is impossible for you to embody all of those roles. Therefore, it is critical to do research on their demographics, buying cycles, budget requirements, price sensitivity, and their experience with similar products.
  2. Asking what users want instead of why they want it – While promoting the features of your product or service may seem like the optimal way to communicate to your target customer, consider instead, telling them what the benefits are and how it will make their life easier on a day-to-day basis.
  3. Having too complex of a sales message – Software and technology companies often offer a very complex service or product – an offering that is hard to understand for those not in your industry. It is important, however, to consider business influencers and thought leaders and make sure your message is clear enough for them to understand.

  4. Word of mouth happens on its own – While your successful product may create buzz among your family and friends, chances are they are not your target buyers. Targeted word of mouth is often a result of a product or service that has enough information surrounding it, to share among their colleagues to get a trend going. Ensure your product information is accessible and that it is easy for people to share with one another.

  5. More information is better – The adage, “if you can’t communicate what you do and why others should care about it, in two sentences or less, something is wrong,” still bodes true in marketing. Keep your message clear and concise so that your target customer will know you are a match instantly, and conversely, a non-ideal customer won’t waste your time.

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