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5 Email Marketing Myths Busted

By: Sagefrog

An effective email marketing campaign is a great way to promote and grow your businesses, but there are several misconceptions surrounding email marketing that could actually have a negative impact. Below are five email marketing myths – busted.

  1.  Industry standards are your standards –while it is good to have standards to provide a baseline comparison, they don’t take into account list quality. If you aren’t regularly updating your list, then your email marketing campaign is going to be significantly less effective. Note: Every year, email addresses change 33%.
  2. Email marketing is not a lead generator – when done right, email marketing can serve as an effective lead generator. “Doing it right” means creating relevant and shareable content that has a clear call-to-action and social media buttons to promote sharing.
  3. Open rate is the most important metric to track – open rate is a good indicator of the subject line’s effectiveness, brand recognition and deliverability, but it stops there. Click through rates and unsubscribes are what actually track engagement. It also provides insight into what your prospects are looking for and what they are not.
  4. You should not send the same email twice – Send it twice, but be smart about it! In an email campaign, every person who does not open an email should receive the same email 48-72 hours later, but with a different subject line.
  5. Unsubscribes are bad – unsubscribes serve as organic list cleaners, which allows you to cater your message to prospects that are actually prospects. Note that your unsubscribes should still be lower than 1%, but understand that people opting to unsubscribe is a normal part of a healthy email campaign.

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