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4 Tips for Effective B2B SEO

By: Andrea Panno

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website or a web page to gain rankings on a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid search results. For B2B companies, SEO can target customers through a web search and direct them to a website and effectively, drive online sales conversion. To implement effective SEO strategies for your company, it is necessary to understand the nature of SEO as it relates to your B2B service or product.

Four Tips to Improve Your B2B SEO Strategy:

  1. Understand how your target audience is searching for your company.

    For B2B services, it is important to understand how your audience, including current and prospective clients and influencers, is searching for your service. Those that are at the beginning of the sales cycle will be searching for different information, such as non-branded searches, while your qualified leads will be conducting more focused searches.

  2. Expand your search terms.

    While your B2B company may specialize in a particular product or service, it is important to expand your search terms and keyword list to include all of the words or phrases for which your business may want to be highly ranked. This will help your company gain credibility within your industry as a whole, rather than just your specialty.

  3. Use the technical tools in your toolbox.

    There are many technical details that affect how search engines find your company’s website. It is important to engage certified online marketing specialists and/or web developers to evaluate and optimize the back-end of your website. There should be an ongoing dialogue between your sales, marketing and technical support department to continuously optimize your site and close the sales loop.

  4. Integrate content marketing and social media strategies.

    A strategy shift from Google in 2013 caused marketers to no longer see the search term for which people used to find their website. As a result, it is important to sync your content marketing strategy with your SEO practices, such as encouraging social influencers to share content and link back to your site. This will improve the reputation of your website on search engines.

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