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Become a Social Media Expert: 8 Tips to Make Your Business Shine!

By: Sagefrog

There is a sea of social media platforms to choose from and for a business owner, it can be overwhelming to think up and implement effective strategies to use social media to make your business stand out! Below are 8 tips to help you become an social media expert in no time:

  • Blog. Blogging is an excellent marketing tool for your business. In fact, company that blog regularly are likely to generate more leads because a quality blog gives you the chance to connect with potential customers and build their trust in your company.
  • Send Email Newsletters. Have a sign-up form on your website, use your blog followers, make those requesting resources from your site provide an email address and then send them relevant, informative and interesting content and/or updates about your company. Don’t go overboard or you will lose support, but keeping those people actively engaged will put you in their minds when they are ready to do business.
  • Engage in Conversation. So many businesses are great at attracting new customers, but they fail to convert them into regulars. Interaction, whether it be a, “thanks for the follow” on Twitter, or responding to a customer’s comment on Facebook will really pay off in the long run.
  • Offer Deals for Social Media Followers Only. This allows you to reward your loyal customers and gets new customers to sign up and become loyal customers.
  • Hold a Contest. A competition is an effective way to market your business, just make sure that the prize is enough to entice customers into signing up and to share your business with their friends.
  • List Your Business. There are a ton of popular platform directories that use location services. With the change in Google’s search algorithm this past year, location has never been more important. Maker sure potential customers can find you and find you first!
  • Connect with Mobile Users. More and more people are using their smartphones to access the web. So make sure your page is optimized for mobile use!
  • Less is More. Keep your social media plan simple. Pick a few social media platforms and focus your attention on expanding your audience and retaining the audience you already have. When you have too many pages to worry about, keeping up with your followers and updating regularly becomes a burden.

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