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10 Steps to Write an Effective Newsletter

By: Sagefrog

1. Identify the goal of the newsletter.

Is it to generate leads? Get more email contacts? Send traffic to the website?

2. Assemble Content.

If your plan is to put out one newsletter per month, make sure that you are bookmarking articles and resources that might be a good fit for newsletters in the future. This will save you from scrambling at the last minute to find relevant information on your desired topics.

3. Design your template.

This provides you with the parameters of how much space you actually have for copy. Remember that your layout should be easy to read, scan through, is mobile-friendly, and has an eye-catching CTA.

4. Write body content.

Keep your copy short and sweet. This encourages click-through. And remember to always edit thoroughly!

5. Personalize.

One way to do this is to segment emails and choose content that will appeal to each group. Another way is to provide different CTA’s for different groups. For example, leads should see a sales CTA and sales representatives/existing customers should see a CTA regarding tickets to a customer-only event.

6. Create a click-worthy subject line.

This is no easy feat. Run A/B tests to see which one works best.

7. Be conscious of Alt text and Plain text.

Alt text is what appears when a picture isn’t loaded to let viewers know that there is a picture that needs to be downloaded. It is especially important if your CTA is an image. Plain text is important because some email clients won’t display HTML properly, so make sure that your email looks great in plain text as well.


Make sure you are compliant with the law before sending out an email. For example, there must be an unsubscribe button somewhere in the email.

9. Test different browsers and email providers.

Not all email providers are created equally – they read code differently. Make sure your email is visible in most if not all!

10. Send and analyze results.

It is important to take note of what worked and what did not work so you can improve your results and better reach your goals in your next newsletter.

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