Google: Boost Your Business with B2B Search Engine Marketing

During our last Google Partner event, both Google executives and Sagefrog certified Google experts discussed the status-quo on the search engine’s capabilities related to B2B search engine marketing and search engine optimization. The event’s discussion detailed the ways people consume media, mobile’s impact on search and information consumption, the role of Google My Business, and… Read more

How B2B Tech Companies Use Paid Social to Become Thought Leaders

Technology companies rise and fall in the blink of an eye. Even with the best SaaS services or IT solutions on the market, it can be extremely difficult to cut through the noise and attract the kind of attention you need to truly thrive. One of the most effective ways to gain a foothold in… Read more

B2B Healthcare Marketing for 2020 [Top 3 Areas of Spend]

Policy and payment changes are two trends predicted to shape the healthcare industry in 2020—but what will be different about how B2B healthcare companies reach their buyers and stakeholders? Two words: digital transformation. The 2020 B2B Marketing Mix Report surveyed B2B healthcare marketers, among others, to understand their top areas of marketing spend for 2020—and… Read more

Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2020 [New Report]

Are you sitting down? Do you have a pen and paper nearby? Grab it, because we’re telling you exactly what your marketing peers and competitors are planning for next year, and you’ll want to keep tabs. In its thirteenth year, the just-released 2020 B2B Marketing Mix Report surveyed B2B marketers from industries like technology, healthcare,… Read more

How Sagefrog’s Branding Delivers Quick Wins

Branding is a unique service within marketing because it’s foundational to every other marketing activity you execute. For your marketing tactics to be effective, they must be aligned with your brand, and your brand’s strategy must be buttoned up. At Sagefrog, branding is almost always our first step when we engage with a new client…. Read more

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