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what is a sagefrog

noun / sagefrog / \’sãj-fra:g\

Someone who possesses the combined strategic wisdom of a sage and adaptable tactics of a frog

A member of the Sagefrog team and a natural born marketer, progressive by nature and pragmatic by choice

A company name invented and trademarked by Sagefrog Marketing Group, LLC in 2002

our story

Sagefrog Marketing Group, LLC was founded in 2002 by Mark Schmukler and Suzanne Morris through the merger of Doyle Consulting, a strategic marketing consulting firm, and Much More Creative, a graphic design studio.
The name “Sagefrog” was created to symbolize the combined strategic wisdom of a sage and adaptable tactics of a frog—traits that each member of our team carries into their daily work as marketers, account managers, copywriters and designers. Sagefrog was formed on its strong competencies of strategy, branding and creative and is dedicated to being a company that clients value and a place that thrives on positivity and a high quality of life.

Since our founding, Sagefrog has experienced continuous double-digital revenue growth, allowing us to expand our team, offer full-service capabilities, and serve more than 600 unique B2B clients. With our headquarters in Doylestown, PA, we’ve opened new locations in Philadelphia (PA), Princeton (NJ), Lehigh Valley (PA), and Boston (MA). Our continued growth and success have also earned us many accolades from organizations like Philadelphia Business Journal (PBJ), Wharton School of Business, Lehigh Valley Business, NJBiz, Clutch and Marcom awards and opportunities and from prestigious institutions like Goldman Sachs and Google.