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Unlock the full potential of digital marketing.

The precision and efficacy of programmatic advertising has changed the landscape of digital marketing, but many business leaders of small and medium sized companies are unfamiliar with the concept. Programmatic advertising is the use of automated processes in buying and selling digital ad space. Instead of negotiating with a publisher on where and when ads will appear, the buyer sets their qualifications—which can include ad price, number of guaranteed impressions, target demographic, website types and even the time and place in which a prospect views an ad—and then plugs them into ad-purchasing software called a demand-side platform (DSP). The DSP communicates with publisher-operated ad-selling software known as supply-side platforms to purchase ad space. As prospects view these ads, data on viewer demographics is shared with the buyer so they can use it to further refine their targeting.

Sagefrog employs programmatic advertising to optimize the creation, buying and tracking of ads for our clients. Automated purchasing is a powerful innovation that allows you to spend less time generating proposals and more time nurturing qualified leads through the buyer’s journey. Using data that your company or an outside party provides, our copy and graphic design teams can offer more precise and personalized messaging, and our digital marketers can direct that messaging to your ideal prospects at the right time and in the right context for your business. And with real-time insights into key audiences and their actions, we can continue to improve the relevancy and effectiveness of future ads, leading to new breakthroughs in ad reach.

Targeting the Right Audience

With programmatic advertising, you can buy ad space based on where your audience is online—instead of guessing where they might be. Rise to the top of search engines or dominate your industry by securing effective placements with factors like search terms, devices, type of site, time of day and much more. Unlike human marketers, algorithms can easily crunch big data, allowing for detailed targeting based on behavior and demographics. Let Sagefrog help you capture the attention of leads at the exact moment they’re seeking your services. Whether you want to maximize scale or pursue an exacting persona, Sagefrog can target promising prospects throughout the buyer’s journey from awareness through acquisition.

Custom Designs

Digital advertising can and should be customized for audiences. The flexibility and specificity of programmatic advertising empowers Sagefrog’s digital team to tailor ads to specific situations down to the very time and location in which prospects view an ad. For messaging directed at a new audience, our creative team can create educational ads to increase brand awareness, and for leads already acquainted with your company, we can focus on marketing your products and services in a way that will entice clicks. Beyond the creative content itself, our design team also ensures ads display optimally on all platforms and devices, and with programmatic advertising’s real-time data, your ads’ performance will only get better as it adapts to marketplace needs.

Ad Reach

Programmatic advertising unlocks a new level of advertisement analysis to reveal the effectiveness of your ads and the audiences they resonate with. Deep insights on ad reach can show your leads’ location, age, interests and behaviors, and publishers tactfully track prospects’ behavior after viewing your ads to measure, and subsequently increase, the chances of conversion. Because this occurs in real time, Sagefrog can adapt your messaging moment by moment, controlling your company’s spend and maximizing your ROMI. After we drill down into factors ranging from ad recall to brand awareness, we’ll arrive at an optimized model of influence over your audience and feed that data back into your programmatic advertising efforts to uncover new markets and improve ads to help you win over every last lead.