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Neta Scientific

Lab Supplies & Solutions


Neta Scientific, a laboratory supplies and solutions company that provides the same level of service and supplies as industry big players, was challenged with improving an outdated brand identity that portrayed a smaller, less sophisticated operation. With multiple target markets and an emerging services division called Lab Equipment and Parts Services (LEAPS), the company sought distinct messaging and professional sales collateral to penetrate the marketplace and solidify its position as a market leader.


Sagefrog immediately saw the opportunity to unlock Neta Scientific’s potential with a comprehensive Brand Strategy and integrated marketing program. The strategy included a clear mission, vision and positioning statement, separate messaging platforms for each target market—academic and biopharmaceutical—and a visual identity and messaging system for LEAPS. To activate the updated brand in the marketplace, we launched a full-service marketing program spanning public relations, online and print advertising, tradeshow marketing, sales presentations, and marketing materials.


academic market growth


biopharma market growth


growth from previous year


life science portfolio growth


Following the brand launch, Neta Scientific experienced unprecedented success with a growth rate 3x the industry average. The updated brand and subsequent marketing and sales collateral helped the company reach its primary market segments and expand in the US marketplace. Highlights include 10% actual growth from previous year, compared to the US market’s 3% industry average, plus 54% growth in its life sciences portfolio as a result of positioning the company as a complete source. Neta has grown in all areas thanks in part to the relationship with Sagefrog.